xG3 injectable in facial area?

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I’m just going to directly ask my question: Can the xG3 can be injected safely into the region of one’s temples or nose?

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Good question, as far as I know only one person has it but not on their face, they have it in their tragus

Probably not the greatest idea. There are tons of small muscles in your face that you don’t want to sever with the needle, and any time you perform surgery on your face you’re going to bleed a lot. Here’s a diagram of facial muscles so you can plan:

I don’t see why not, but I’m not sure it will work. The skin on the nose is bound much more tightly, there might not be room to separate the skin from the cartridge and slip a magnet in.

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Thank you for the replies!
If anyone was wondering: I asked, because I’m kinda toying around with the idea of wearing glasses with magnets

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That is a kinda cool idea, however I don’t think the xG3 is near strong enough to hold a pair of glasses to your face If you were to shake your head side to side quickly and other such movements

True, but even with that I’ll think of some solution eventually, I think; I’m more afraid of the implantation of the magnets, to be honest

Hm… Maybe if I tinker something like a little pince-nez, but without the pinching and with magnets

I tried to find the source and am failing, but I recall an interview with Steve Haworth where he mentions trying to attach horns or glasses via magnets and that it was a failure. If you succeed in getting a magnet strong enough to attach the metal object, the magnet and object (glasses in this case) will pinch the skin between it and cause that tissue to die. So unfortunately, I don’t believe you’ll be able to get this to work properly (but if you do find a way to do this, let us know!)

Thanks, I will look into that if I can!
I’m almost certain that I will come up with… something :stuck_out_tongue: ; At the moment my best guess is maybe learning something from my Dad’s Bonebridge implant (as for the pinching-skin-Problem)

Here’s the interview: https://youtu.be/3j1zaryCPhc

He starts talking about magnets around 5:10 and talks about the issues with attaching things around 6:45.

Definitely curious to hear if you get anywhere going the transdermal route.