Outdoor RFID (gate) lock

I have Samsung Ezon SHS-P717 locks on all the house door, these technically aren’t outdoor locks, but they’re protected from the rain and the battery side is inside the house. We’re putting in a new fence and I’d like to have a lock on the gate, but both sides will be exposed to the weather.

Anyone find an outdoor/gate lock that’s compatible?

looks like you might have to roll your own… will you have stable mains power or will this also need to be battery powered?

Ever work with a teensy or arduino?

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+1 for Teensy, although may be a bit overkill for this. Definitely look more towards an Arduino Pro Micro


A bit of experience with arduino, it does need to be battery powered unfortunately.

is this a people gate or car gate? either way you could put a pressure switch down on the ground so the whole thing is only powered when something or someone is in front of the gate… and with a tiny solar panel to keep the battery powered up, you could easily use an arduino.