-P0 Magnet experiences?

Can anyone comment with their experiences over the longer term? Or any comments in general?

I am considering this location (with a xG3 axial) but have mainly found posts about newer or fresh installs and wanted to see how people have got on over time.

@leumas95 haven’t you got one there?

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@Mariarangok too?

I’ve had one there for about 3 years. It’s pretty sensitive for sensing (even compared to finger ones), it easily picks up the microwave and some strong transformers. For hanging things it kinda sucks to be honest. the position you have to get in to hang something is awkward. P0 on your non dominant hand is absolutely great for holding screws and stuff while working.
Overall if I had to do it again I would put it in P1 because i’m not too interested in hanging stuff and also want to keep P0 for something bigger or a chip.
If I were interested in hanging stuff I would put it in P5 no question. Finally if my fingers were fater I would go for the fingers. So overall I regret going for P0 a bit.
What I’m saying is choose according to what you will use it for not according to what’s easier and think of real estate for future implants
Hope that helps



the minus means opposite side

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Oh okay! Missed that :flushed:

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No problem!

I’m thinking -P0 in my non-dominant hand at this stage as I have a NExT in P0 on that same hand.