Package not deliverd

I order a xM1 Plus but never received it. I did some investigations and found out that the package has been sent back to the US from the Netherlands.
Can somebody at Dangerousthings contact me so that we can find out how to fix this?

Kind regards,

May be something missing their like address.

Hi Karl,

Sorry the xM1+ product is having serious issues at the moment… please see this thread for details:


Hi Amal,
I’am aware of the problems with the xM1+. A xM1+ was sent to me and arrived on 19-12 in the NETHERLANDS. However they never told me that the package was delivered at the post office. After two weeks they have sent the package back to DangerousThings. I tried to stop this process but PostNL told me that only the sender can interrupt this process. Latest info is that the package is back in the USA. So if you get the package will you sent it again to me?