Padlock Key/Nfc

hello everyone, after a long search on the forum, i couldn’t find what i needed.
In practice I am looking for a padlock that works with xSIID but also has the opening with a key, can someone provide me with some links?

This is a tough one. The only padlock I use (or even know of working with implants) is the QuickLock padlock and it only works with ISO15693 like the xSLX and Spark 1 chips.

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Dev had a video on one,
(Ripping on it LPL style)
He was using his Xm1, so I don’t know if it’s 14443a compatible or not since it was just reading partial uid

Lemme see if I can find it

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Apparently also the 4th gen is nfc aswell
And it seems it ships with ntag216 fobs

I found a review from a Sandra who is a fellow implantee

@JennyMcLane by any chance is this you?

I’ve yet to see a review of an RFID padlock that doesn’t suck donkey balls. I’m on the market for one too. But I ain’t buying any of the current crop of China-made garbage - especially the eGee.

Deviant’s video:

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I’m so torn, reading a lot of the reviews… it seems most customers are stupid

But obviously dev has valid points

I want something for the gym that’s nfc… but there are no other options

That’s what I need one for too, to go swimming without having a friggin’ key attached to my ankle.

I disagree with Deviant about the safety of the UID-based auth though: it’s fine with implants. Nobody is going to sneak up on you at the bench press with a Proxmark to steal your dirty underwear in your locker. Even with only 2 bytes of it as in the case of the eGee: what you have essentially is a lock with 65536 combinations. Most people are happy using combination padlocks with only 1000 combinations for applications like gym lockers. No problem there for me.

What I don’t want is coming out of the pool and not being able to open my locker. Then having to go to the front desk all wet in my swimming trunk to tell them my fucking padlock won’t open, and would you have a crowbar I could borrow for a minute. The eGee promises to deliver just that.

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Yeah it is.

It sounds like a few of you need to get yourselves an xSLX

I’m eagerly waiting for someone to drop below 400€.

This has no backup key though.

Oh… I didn’t see that one. Well I’ve been known to drop much more money than reasonable on dumb-ass locks, so I’m actually interested, even at 400 euros.

I assume this is implant-compatible then, since it’s sold by Digiwell?

EDIT: nevermind, it says so in German on the page. Duh…

EDIT2: it looks very shimmable. I’m tempted to order it just to try :slight_smile:

EDIT3: Jesus, it’s more like 435 euros with the friggin’ programming card. What a fucking ripoff…

EDIT4: …and the prices are ex-VAT. With VAT, just look at that glorious price for a cheap-ass padlock:


And the worse thing is, I’m actually stupid enough to click on Proceed…


Agreed, If my math isnt totally wrong and the random BlackHat slides i found on the internet are to be trusted Bruteforcing a 2 byte UID will take ~27 Minutes (25ms per try). Lets say statistically you will find the UID with 50% of tries. So you are looking at 13 Minutes awkwardly standing around a lock for a pair of dirty underwear.

Now i wouldnt use a 2byte UID for a door lock to my home. But for a padlock in the gym, eh. i recon it’ll be fine. But of course its a matter of personal preference.

Be careful rosco, I looked at a few locks with that shape, and all of them were passive and powered by a cellphone

Exactly right. Although in fairness, some people’s underwear can fetch a high price. But if you’re not Queen Victoria, you should be fine.

Also, if you force that lock to talk NFC for 13 minutes, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ran out of juice before it’s done.

The Digiwell page explicitely says it’s compatible with our favorite DT mind control devices though.

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i have only this one: 3rd generation
works only with the fleximplants

That’s right. This guy also has the same lock and tried it with an unimplanted tag, and also says it won’t work with his implanted implant:

its also abit tricky to program it. i write to the customer service, they say: only their tags work.
i foznd ozt, how to do it.

flexNT: yes
flexDF: no

And… I hate myself:

Oh well… Another day, another toy.


damn, why didn’t you tell me, that you have order it…
i have an affiliate link from digiwell in my website


Ah well I didn’t know. And I kinda wanted to finish ordering quickly before I came to my senses :slight_smile:

But thanks for the offer.

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