Padlock Key/Nfc

Yes, you could have sent me a dump of your card, it would have worked. And JennyMcLane could’ve gotten me a discount with her affiliate link too. But that would have turned it into a rational purchase with some thought put into saving money, which means I wouldn’t even have purchased the lock in the first place.

Because really, even discounted at 200 euros all told, the product is totally stupid: it’s a 10 euro el-cheapo padlock mated to a pointlessly expensive RFID plug.

In short: don’t rub it in willya? :slight_smile:

Matter of fact, I wonder if I could install the plug in a nicer padlock. Hmm…

All Assa Aperio products are outrageously expensive - when you can get your hands on them. The giveaway is that the few stockists that offer them cater to building companies and don’t publish the prices on their websites.

Not to mention, this padlock looks like it could be forced open with a pocket knife by Stephen Hawking.

Just digging around,

This one comes in 125 and 13.56 flavors… 14443a

No idea how to order yet

are… those Phillips screws holding it together?

The thing with RFID / NFC locks (padlocks or otherwise) is, if nobody else has tried them before, it’s a bit of a gamble whether they work with implants or not. Less so with flex implants of course, but performances can be iffy even with narrow flexies.

The only model I ordered sight unseen was the U&Z CX2172 because I knew with 100% certainty it would work with my (then not-yet-dead) flexNExT. Fortunately, it also works with the flexDF / flexNT, because the flexNExT sure isn’t an option anymore. But that was lucky.

The fact that Digiwell lists that stupidly expensive Wilka padlock as working with implants is the only reason why I let my wallet be raped: I paid extra to be sure it would work essentially - and at that price, it’d better work :slight_smile:

And he is dead. That is pretty bad. :rofl:

We just need to add that to the Deadbolt thread

Same “electronics”, different form factor

Please talk me out of giving the egee smart touch GEN 2 a chance

I see that gen 4 won’t pick up an x series, but devs video for all his problems with it, does show that an implant will work

I have read every Amazon review, and 50% incorrectly think it’s charges via usb, and 75% are annoyed about the Bluetooth app being garbage

Neither apply to me,

Dev takes issue with uid authorization, which correct is a flaw… is fine for my gym locker

I keep convincing myself that it’s mostly operator error

It is, the operator made an error buying it.

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1/ You have a 4th gen device which is crap. Normally devices get better as they evolve, not worse.
2/ Deviant Ollam showed what a terrible product the 1st generation of that padlock was
3/ You have read reviews that say the BT functionality is garbage. Rarely does a good product have just one crappy feature. Most likely, it’s a crappy product through and through.

Need I say more?

The signs aren’t good. Heed the signs.

And this? :thinking:

Looks like it is power harvesting from the nfc so will need an active tag / phone. They don’t mention tags at all.

Yep, I’ve been scouring the web for any kind of padlock and I keep seeing a bunch of power harvesting versions

The 2 I can’t get determine anything about is the
PS locks - PAD

And there’s a version or 2 on Alibaba but it’s a 100 piece minimum order

Can you speak to the quick lock?
In theory if it works I could be concinved to do a xslx

It’s from a while a go ( aka 6 days ago :wink: ) , but here you go

I was kinda maybe hoping for more than “I use it”

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I love how one of the questions on that padlock is this:


Overall it is a pretty cheap lock… I’m sure it’s easily shimable. It doesn’t work very well in extreme cold because the battery can’t keep up with the power requirements when the temperatures get around freezing… But, I’ve used it for a couple years now at a storage facility and I haven’t charged it once. I get into the storage unit around once a month though, so it’s not a very high use lock scenario. Still, my Spark 1 reads great and I quite like not having to worry about a key or fiddling with a combination.

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What’s in this storage unit? Implants?
Where is this magical facility?
What is the locker number?

Just asking for…innocent reasons…

Please. I can see right through you! Amal if you give me the location I’ll go ahead of Pilgrims to protect the facility from their nefarious plans!

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