Paid development gig

We are looking for a developer to bid on a revamp of our Dangerous Things partner map and how it works on the back end.

Out current partner map is manually managed and is very painful to modify. The primary goal with this project is to allow a simple easy way for partners to submit and update their own map data, and for a simple admin interface to allow admins to see all partners in a sortable list and be able to easily approve a self submitted partner registration so it appears on the map.

  • would like to use google maps API but willing to explore other options.

  • would like to be able to filter pins on the map by types of partner

  • would like heat map function for zoomed out view where pins break out of the heat zone as we zoom into it.

  • we set up a self-registration system based on email address (like craigslist) where they submit their info and that info for that map link / pin is given a special link to be able to access / update it later. No passwords, just email links like craigslist for controlling access to listings.

  • programming language does not matter but should be a simple interface with minimal easy to maintain code.

  • the only outside interface is the map itself and any pin sorting or filtering mechanics required.

Please submit your bid to [email protected] the primary domain of this forum.