Pain, Magnets, Fingers and Pro Installers

O.k. I’m a weanie. Even if I wasn’t, I see no reason to not avoid a painful situation. With the Titan coming along, I’m going to want to be installing soon enough.

What pain management is available when using a pro installer?

Are installers likely to be o.k. working with the DT pmk? Would I need to show up numbed on my own? And how would that affect anti-septic procedures?

Do they have something else usually? Ice bath?

What are my options here?


That is really hard to tell, especially since things in the US work different than here. I’m not a fan of the ice bath, but that’s just a personal opinon. Antiseptic procedures are not really affected if you “numb yourself” (though you have to take your own antiseptic measures if you want to inject something numbing in your own finger^^); if your installer does it, I guess he’ll use the antiseptic stuff first, then inject the anaesthetic (if he does so^^), maybe use antiseptics again and then start the procedure.

But to be honest, and in spite of all my guessings above, it would be easiest to just visit your installer and ask him exactly those questions - he should know :wink:

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Most likely. My guy said he doesn’t inject anything. Too big of a liability.

If you do it before, you will be fine. Just use an alcohol pad to cleanse before injecting.

In almost every single geographic location people do body mod in, injections of lidocaine or pain numbing drugs is 100% illegal. Many many artists use it anyway. Some don’t. Some have gels and topical stuff but it’s not all that effective (except ours).

Should be include a gel pack for titan backers? We could probably do that actually.


I feel that is a better solution than having people injecting lido without much, or any, experience.


i was just gonna get one for it anyways, but i’d feel bad getting such a big pack for such a small install site. i presume you’d be providing smaller ones? while we’re on the topic, without derailing too much, is there any good way of storing the remainder of the big pouches you sell?

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I wouldn’t know, but it’s entirely possible that’s a euphemism. Actually dunking your finger in ice for a few minutes doesn’t provide a significant level of numbing.

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Might not “numb” it, but it will confuse your nerves. We have a cold spray we use that takes the edge off for a few seconds. And a bee thing that vibrates for children.

I imagine if I dunk my finger in a glass of salty ice water for 10 minutes, I wouldnt feel a thing for a few minutes at least.

Try it and then poke yourself with a needle. Didn’t work for me.

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Hm, might actually be nice for those who need it, but it’s additional costs for you - so, maybe you could offer it but make an opt-out possibility for those who don’t need it? Otherwise you might send a few of them that end up just lying around :woman_shrugging:

Absolutely! I would trust those artist that regularly do so (if there are any, since it’s not so very legal, of course), but experimenting with that stuff on yourself isn’t a good idea.

That’s why I’m not a friend of the ice bath, in general - it helps little, if at all (usually, the cooling is more effective to calm pain that’s already there, like with those ice-sprays in sports and all that), and water is usually not very antiseptic - I try to keep it away from the area I’m getting modded on, at least directly before and after the process.


I will. I guess I have never really had a need to try that.

there isn’t any preservative in the gel so once opened, it will start acting a little like a bacterial growth medium… I really don’t suggest you store any unused gel. It might be possible to heat seal the pouch with zero (i mean zero) air bubbles inside, and then basically bake it at 180F for 30 minutes to re-sterilize… but I have no idea if that will ruin the gel or be effective.


So it looks like my best bet is to DIY the pmk gel from DT, but remove with alcohol wipes prior to magnet installation. Assuming I do it right, how long does that stuff last? Don’t wanna run out, ya know.

Sounds great.
Wait a sec, did he just offer to lube us all up?

It is here where I live too, and I’m sure glad mine did - amazingly strong and fast acting stuff he procured in the country next door :slight_smile: I can’t imagine doing something in a fingertip without lidocaine. It was painful enough in my wrist, where there are much fewer pain receptors, even with the help of the stuff…

Let’s say you fill a latex gloves with the gel and put it on for 2 hours. You should get a solid 30 minutes of “numb hand dan”.

Sounds like a topical version of the stranger;
maybe that is a new market for you to tap into. :man_shrugging:


Hmm, maybe I should try to coat the inside of a swim cap with the stuff for a good night’s sleep :slight_smile:

I’ve done a decent amount of lido testing and between self administered injections and various gels and creams. Honestly, if you go with the highest strength otc cream/gel and you keep it on under saran wrap or a glove you should be plenty numb. I can’t imagine a piercer would take issue with otc numbing before you get there. Also, if you go the injection route, check out dorsal injections rather than digital blocks. I find them easier and equally as effective.


Please tell me this wasn’t a joke about penis numbing and there’s actually another way to inject lidocaine :joy:

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Haha lmao
No, when I did my (attempted) magnet self install, I injected on the side of my ring finger in the middle segment. It was numb almost immediately. You CAN NOT use lidocaine + epinephrine because it’s an extremity!
(This is not a recommendation, but a review of my procedures)