Palm prints to pay instead of implants :(

Looks like Amazon is setting up palm print scanners at certain locations so you can pay for your stuff


Extremely dystopian. Identification isn’t security.


I’m not going to use it, but I want to see the memes.


On the bright side, if they’re opening up on allowing stuff like this, it may make it more reasonable to allow implants in the future.

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Unfortunately I think the simple-minded way fear works will not translate to accepting implants for payment anytime soon. People seem to need a tangible object to point at and fear. Being afraid of biometric collection through standard security surveillance is not a scary to anyone because we accept the premise of a security camera… but there’s nothing to point at when talking about processing biometric data from those feeds. Nobody is scared of that. Likewise, nobody seems scared of using their literal hand to pay because it’s their hand… what’s to fear about that? … but talk about putting some object inside the hand and suddenly it’s a government plot to mind control the masses and bring about the antichrist.


I found this article on Facebook and everyone in the comments hated the idea. Plenty of people talking about the stupid “mark of the beast” thing. Which makes me laugh because there is no mark. It’s just your hand :joy: