Paradox reader... help needed

Hey folks!
I’ve recenlty implanted my first two x-series a week ago (xSIID and xEM).

So, now I need some help with a Paradox Reader, the most of the doors on my building has this reader and I wish to use my xEM to open these doors.

I successfully cloned the keyfob in a T55 card and into my xEM with the proxmark easy.

Buuut… I can’t make my xEM work on the reader. I tried to use the xFD to check the chip position, but didn’t have luck to find the correct spot. Using the RFID diagnostic card I now it’s a LF and it’s working.

The card I cloned works fine the issue is with the xEM only.

Here is a reder pic, any help is appreciate! =)

Thats not a great sign, but also not always indicative that it wont work with an xSeries.

Just recently, I used my NExT on a Paradox reader, although a different model.

I used a slight downward motion to swipe, and “cut through” the antenna coil in a perpendicular motion

heres a quick video I took. (2nd video in the link)

The following is just a guess as to the antenna placement

but if you can get your hands on one to open up, or google fu some images, it may help

One “problem” you have is the proximity of the reader to wall that wil inhibit some hand placement options for you, OR it will turn you into a contortionist

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Thanks for your answer!

Searching around I found internal reader pics that show exactly where is the antenna placement.

Unfortunately it’s a bit late now to try it out, but I will test it tomorrow and be back to tell the results!

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No luck :frowning:
Tried in the edges but seems the reader don’t have enough “power” to read the implant neither the xFD:

That’s unfortunate

Just thought I would share the images here to document for easier reference and look up with key words.

DGPR910 Proximity Reader Teardown Internal Photos Paradox Security Systems

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Quick update:

I had a success read in one of the doors \o/.
It was difficult to find the correct spot, but i could open the door many times.

Unfortunately didn’t have luck in another read in the same spot, I’ll try another reader and keep you posted.

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