Partner Implant

So I have finally convinced my partner to get an implant! She said she will only get 1 so our main use car is going to be unlocking the car, front door etc.

My first thought is an xEM but considering she said one it may be better to get a NExT.

Thoughts and feelings?

  • xEM
  • NExT

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You already know the answer, but I will confirm for you.
The xEM is great, but Unlocking the Car :oncoming_automobile: would be a “one trick pony”

“I got an implant, I can unlock my car with it…”

The NExT
"I got an implant, I can unlock my car with it AND store a business card / Webpage link / Passwords, launch an App on my phone, a secret message, Map coordinates for my buried treasure :parrot: :pirate_flag: …etc

Then when the Apex is available.
“It can do WHAT???” :exploding_head:


Yeah that was my thinking.

When does your Mrs get her cyber upgrade, and what is she going with?

LET ME GUESS…:thinking:


I dont know, I’m waiting to find out when my installer (lou from twisted monkey) to come back to bristol. Let me guess people want her to get the NExT :rofl: thanks everyone! @bella.jane.smith

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