Paxton HT2 Tokens, Copy - Clone - Duplicate SOLVED

The mystery is solved regarding Paxton proprietry Hitag2 tokens.
Relevanlt to Compact, Net2, Switch2 and even Paxton10 encrypted tokens.
Paxton bullet fob, card, wristband, adhesive disc, any function card and even enrolment card, can be transferred to any other Paxton token. All Paxton serial, site, pack, type, colour and function is transferred.
Paxton credentials can also be transfered to any Hitag2 token, including implants.
Any questions welcome.

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Welcome to the form?

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Can you share the process (I presume using PM3) that allows for these tokens to be cloned / copied?

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Why don’t you just tell us how?

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I can even supply a device that will do it all.
Not PM3 or any such device.
I am happy to share my experience and findings, but where do I start?.
Presuming that you have:
absorbed the Hitag2 datasheet?.
Know anything about Paxton?.
attempted to do this already?.
You will have to give me a starting point.
More relevant, what do you want to do?.

Hi fraggersparks, nice to meet you too.
You will have to elaborate, “tell us how” to do what?.

Hi again.
If anyone wants to see the finished product, head on over to ebay UK and search for Paxton Duplicator, there is only one.
I am happy to share how I acheived the supposed “impossible”.
I cannot teach everyone from scratch, but anyone that has specific and relevant questions about Paxton, my device, firmware or process.

I guess the question becomes, why post “duplicate SOLVED” and then not tell us how you’ve solved it, just that you have?

I can tell you upfront a proprietary device is not going to fly well here. You appear to be selling something, and it’s not particularly welcome imo.


First question is could it be done with the PM3? If not, why not, and if so, any pointers?

You obviously don’t understand the huge volume of information I would have to write here in an attempt to teach you how to do it.
If you are not already an RFID monkey, then I suggest it is too much for you to attempt.
Thanks for your interest.

There is no device that can perform a mutual authentication with a Paxton token.
I started with PM3, then to RFIDler.
The RFIDler allowed me to manually perform the authentication but still could not do it automatically to a Paxton, only a standard Hitag2.
I have developed an automated read write device, specifically for Paxton.
I am willing to make it public, but I cannot teach RFID or Hitag2 from scratch.

Interesting, considering I’m the lead software developer (and a “RFID monkey”) for VivoKey.

You’re being high and mighty for the sake of it.


Please do, just post it here. There are plenty of us who will understand.

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not me for i am but a simple RFID chimpanzee, not like these folk known to be rfid monkeys, i would never understand such a feat in technology, oh bow to the new gods


can i get a link to this product please mate. searching “Paxton Duplicator” comes up with a tomas the tank engine toy and some fob cloning services

I may be wrong but it looks like members have already found work arounds for these without having to sell us anything.

Also found this on the proxmark3 forum, again I don’t know enough to verify but it seems to say the proxmark3 will work with hitag2:


Didn’t you have a post asking for one of the paxton readers to be added to the compatibility matrix? Sounds like maybe you are the perfect monkey for this subject.

i was making a joke about this dudes ignorance of peoples ability to learn lol :smiley:

Ya I know I was trying to say the same it’s amazing how leaving “lol” off the end of a post changes the tone.

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