Paxton Key system works with implants

Hi all. Been a minute.

I work for a large property management group now, doing maintenance across two properties. On both, we use a system called Paxton Key for controlled access to the fitness center and the pool. Residents can add a mobile credential, which uses Bluetooth to authenticate, or, at one property, they can register a small RFID fob. Only one property stocks them and has the reader to register the fobs, but both technically support them.

When I was at the pool gate, I scanned my NExT and my xSIID, both scanned, although obviously as an invalid credential.

Had the assistant property manager at one property add a new credential to my staff account, and registered my implants. They registered using their USB reader like any other fob that was Paxton branded, seems to support any ISO 14443a chip. She only had access to that property’s system, but that got things working there.

I then went back to the other property, and the main property manager of both properties copied my credentials over to the other property.

Just like that, I can now access our pool and fitness centers without any keys or my phone. Should be amazing for going swimming, and will make my job a lot quicker. Was always annoying to pull out my phone, find the app, and wait a few seconds for the Bluetooth to connect.

The antenna on the readers are pretty good too. Reads my NExT instantly, although my xSIID is a bit finicky.


Now you need convince the residents to get some implants

Security and convenience, should be an easy sale


I considered that system back in the day, in another country…

They also have battery powered door knobs and those would’ve been perfect but I’m skeptical about the range.

That looks like a good system and I almost installed one. Although it’s on the expensive side.

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