Paxton + Magic Ring Clone


The business i work for has a Paxton door entry system, i think the card they issue is a proximity card.
I both the magic ring and tried to clone the card to it but it does not seem to be working.

When i try to use the ring to open the door it does not open. Can anyone advise/help please.

here is what is currently on the Card and ring and the video shows the ring not working.

if it’s not accepting the em410x downgrade it means that it’s not enabled within the system itself and therefore you’re SOL, you’d need a hitag2 to copy to directly

where can i get a hitag2 copier. wolud one of these be able to do a direct copy!GBP!95.98!66.23!!!!!%402100bbf516815524256114646d06f5!12000031502948457!sea!UK!0&curPageLogUid=P5Xqz1nbxMjy

In the new version pm3 of iceman, hitag2 has been fixed

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@Jeybee why do you have two Bluetooth SPP com ports on your machine?

No… ICEMAN fix hitag2 record - proxmark3 - PAXTON fobs - YouTube

@Jeybee What are those for?

other devices

What other devices? I’m curious because we are working on a super secret project that also uses Bluetooth SPP… and we’re dealing with COM port setup and possible collisions and you’re the first person I’ve seen with these set up in Windows since 1998!