Paxton + Magic Ring

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Just wondering if anyone can advise on the below

I have tested the Ring again, it seems to work intermittently, if i put the ring on my finger it does not work, if i take it off and hold it flat against the paxton reader and move it slowly around the reader the green light flashed and i hear a beep and door opens.

If it do it again straight away if fails to open, i have to wait a few mins and position the ring in a different way on the reader.

Does this mean that the chip is faulty?

is there any way on improving the signal,

is there any tweak / commands that can be done using proxmark3 to increase the signal from the chip in the ring?

It might have to do with the capacitance of your finger being inserted into the ring. The tuning and coupling profile of the reader and ring are probably pretty bad to start with and the finger puts it over the edge.

Unfortunately I don’t see any way to improve performance in this scenario… probably the best way would be to change or modify the reader but I doubt you have that freedom

drunk thought:
I wonder if a thin metal inlay beneath the antenna and chip would help.
I’m thinking from my ham radio ground plane underneath an antenna helping to propagate the radio waves. Not sure if it’s the same, but maybe? O.o

Worth a try but not really the same thing as electric field transmissions