Paxton Net 2 door system + Hitag2 wristband


I bought a magic ring from dangerous things and cloned my white paxton door entry card to the TX5577 chip. The ring is intermittent and does not always open the door.

full details of my post can be found here

I am now thinking of getting a Hitag2 wristband, the paxton 2 door system is also Hitag2, can i use proxmark 3 to clone the white paxton card to the wristband in Hitag2 mode?

this is the wristband i am considering

Is it possible to carry out a like for like clone from the Hitag2 paxton card to this wristband using proxmark 3?

HiTag is not super common here on the forum, I personally know very little about them.
I think at the end of the day, it will depend on how the system is implemented, Copying HT onto T5577, may be possible, but if it uses challenge and response, or the full UID you may have some issues.
If enrolling a “bring your own” is possible, that might be your best option, but this will require the access admins to be on board.
Alternatively just try it, Grab yourself those HiTag bands and some T5577 test cards and see if you can get it to work.
Sorry I cant be much help, I don’t even own a HiTag to test for you ( Note to self: get HiTag cards :brain: )

Here is a quote from one of my posts, but if you follow it to that original thread, you may get some more answers.
Good luck

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yeah you can just write block by block from the net2 tag to the blank hitag in the wristband.

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when i do a auto search on the wristband that has Hitag2 chip the PM3 does not showing anything. it goes through checking all frequencies but finds nothing.

Can the PM3 read Hitag2 or only Hitag devices.

also the seller of the wristband says that the chip is empty so i need to write to it first and then read. Not sure how to write to it, do i use PM3 or something else to write

Sorry bud, just saw you posted 5hrs ago and no answers.

I’ll try, but I won’t be much help as I dont have my PM3 with me and wont have access for a number of hours.

Similar to the T5577
basically blank.

In your command prompts it SHOULD step you through.
something like
lf hitag
then you should get a list of compatible commands
including something like


can you run
lf hitag
and share a screenshot

lf hitag help

thanks for your reply. here is the output
2023-07-10 19_02_27-ProxSpace v3.10 - MINGW64_~_proxmark3_client


there are a few things to try in there
I would try

lf hitag reader

then when you have the read data
lf hitag writer

it will [potentially error out, but prompt for the next step

And potentially give you an example you can then copy and adjust your your required data
and repeat the process

Do you see how the commands work

It just gives you options, you choose one, then follow it step by step until you get what you want

Also, FYI, you can shortcut the commands
You maybe able to just write

lf hi r

if there are no other similar commands with the same letters

Hi someone previously provided me with the output of the paxton card, im not sure where they got

-k BDF5E846

but it seems to show all the data on the paxton card, so now when i write this to the wristband, would it be --27 or -p

do all the pages and password need to be written.

wolud this be page 0

lf hitag writer -p0 369414106

you don’t need to write p0, you also can’t.

that BDF5E846 is the paxton net2 hitag2 global password

thanks, looking at the example to write page 1 and 2 wolud it be

lf hitag writer --27 -k BDF5E846 -p1 -d BDF5E846
lf hitag writer --27 -k BDF5E846 -p2 -d 20F04F4E

do i need to write the other data on the far right, like 6 or ON, f, $ etc

2023-07-11 12_50_40-ProxSpace v3.10 - MINGW64_~_proxmark3_client

that is the ascii interpretation of the hex data you’re writing so no

i keep getting a detected header error

i am doing

lf hitag writer --27 -k 36941410 =p1 -d BDF5E846

is this the correct way to write page 1?

-p 1
add the space

e2a: you messed up the syntax too

lf hitag writer --27 -p 1 -k BDF5E846 -d 36941410

thanks just tried that but that also shows same error

hm, would you be able to add me on discord (equip) ill be able to go through it with you

question why are you writing to the blocks above 4?