Pay with my NFC tag

Is it possible to pay a merchant with my implant tag if so how does one go about setting there bank info on there tag? And is there a way to set up my tag via iPhone 8 Plus?

Cool so it is possible to maybe buy something at a store using your nfc implant? If how set it up? Is there like a app for it?

Like the first line sais…“it’s tricky”, don’t go there. Everyone would like that and if possible would be many posts on how-to but nope, nadda…

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Europe has “contactless” technology inside our credit/debit cards. So I guess it is possible to pay with an implant just that we don’t have the decryption keys? Would that be correct to say?

If we had the key would it work, do the implants have enough storage.

Yeah, I saw that, but tricky is not impossible.