Paying for expedited shipping

I’m a first time buyer, posting here because I’ve seen others do the same, and don’t see other means of addressing it. Is it possible to pay for faster shipping on my order (# 8206), or is it too late to do so? Thank you for your time.

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Hey, fair question, the contact form on the webpage used to be a little hidden away, but DT have now made it easier to contact direct with a help icon on the landing page.


Ah, i didnt notice that at all! Thank you, I’ll contact them through there!

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No problems,
it’s very new, I only noticed it when I went to grab you the contact link…
Also It depends on what platform you are looking it up on.
On a Mobile it has “Support” ( Which links to this forum )
On a PC it has Contact (which links to actual contact form)



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Hi there,

There is no need, I saw your forum post, and I’ll ship today Priority, you’ll see a tracking number here in a few, it should get there tomorrow or the next day.

Oh, just saw your expedited shipping ticket :slight_smile: Consider this handled.



Thank you so much, this is some of the best customer support I’ve ever received