Paying with an implant

Just use venmo… (only works in US and I believe you have to change the code evey payment) so not exactly a proper solution but hey if thats really what you want to hear crack on, magor far to do for every payment though.

I genuily give up, maybe we should say in a safe way then its not possible to clone your card to an implant.

I donot know of a single implant that has the hardware to allow cloning of an EVM card to it

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as I expected.

Fair enough, Thanks very much for your openness.
Sorry I was so aggressive.
I shouldn’t have asked you who you spoke to or what they said or what implant you have.

Cool, thanks for the update.

Awesome, sounds like you have your answer then.


I’ll be back to tell you why you’re all wrong once I succeed in doing it. just watch out for my next post. Can’t say it’ll be any time soon as I don’t have the money available but you can bet I’ll be back.

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Take care and stay safe
Ciao for now


But then again I’m pissed off so if you would have bothered to read this;

Half way down and I quote

When it comes to alternative point of sale payment technologies, PayPal is making an effort to plant itself into the payment terminals of various stores, and solutions like Venmo are proposing an “out of band” payment solution which allows customers to pay vendors through a mobile app. In this case, there was a lot of “buzz” (pun!) generated when a Buzzfeed reporter implanted an xNT chip to make payments using Venmo. While it is very interesting, it was a complete hack job that required participation from a former Venmo engineer and the vendor, wherein the end result was a completely insecure method to prove it could be done. The reporter’s Venmo wallet key had to be given to the vendor to make the transfer. Therefor the wallet key had to be stored insecurely on the xNT, and the solution would never work in the real world because everyone you did business with would have a copy of your wallet key. Still, it’s very interesting. Until Venmo or PayPal or other payment stakeholders become interested in implant technology, these solutions will be edge cases and proofs of concept only.


I read it until the VivoKey questionnaire as I have already filled that out. the rest seems either irrelevant or information I already knew. However thank you for posting it here so I could at least learn about the supposed “insecurities” with this payment method. as we all know it can’t be any more unsafe than someone walking past your card and being able to steal all of your card info. I feel like when we talk about contactless nothing is too insecure.

btw I’ve put this post up for deletion so I don’t get anymore harassment so not really any point in replying anymore.

You returned sooner that I expected
Welcome back

insecure or unsecure or nonsecure?

Sorry you feel that way.
I thought it was a discussion. and you were asking for help and we were trying to give you some answers.

Unfortunately it looks like we are not the right people to give you the help you need.

I hope you find somebody to help you.


Why I think its a perfect example of how adament we as a comunity are at one help, even with the certainty of “I know its possible”.

So the first 30-40 words… if you would have read it like I said you would have seen the venmo info as well as the video I linked earlier and the fact that it required the help of a venmo software engineer to get it to work. Which just proves that buzzfeed put shit up without really knowing what there talking about (big surprise) and that the information is there contact buzzfeed if you want a guide.


Okay, I’ll bite… most credit card fraud these days is done via online transactions using just the card number, expiration date and CVV (old, insecure, static card data).

When cards are copied to be used in person (which is much rarer as it is easier to get caught on cameras and arrested than on the internet through a VPN) it is to my knowledge ALWAYS by cloning the magstripe data to another card (for those playing at home - old, insecure, static card data). @DeviantOllam demonstrated this attack on The Modern Rogue youtube channel by copying a credit card to an old hotel key card. As of now, implanting magspoof devices has never been done.

I have NEVER seen evidence of a chip or contactless EMV card copied from a credible source online. This attack doesn’t exist. It relies on a private key being written to the card at factory and linked with a public key in their database. You can’t get the private key off the device, and without that you cannot pass the cryptographic challenges the terminal issues you on behalf of the bank. Transaction Declined. Thanks for playing.


dyslexia… I have dyslexia.

I’ve already seen the buzzfeed video. and I didn’t like the idea of using venmo.

Now to add shit to the water… I have. You create a payment request and swipe the details with a active antenna this can be done from some range. The gotcha if that rellaying those details is done with ACTIVE hardware and cannot be replicated with a chip.

You are duping a replaying the info, an implant would be the size of pegleg.


It starts in January, I found out that it is possible to get also in Austria a vimpay account. I got a microcard and shipped it to Amal. He converted it .
I will get it implanted next week :slight_smile:


You just described how you haven’t :wink: To clarify, I meant that the end result is a cloned card that can be freely used multiple times and is indistinguishable to a payment terminal. I’m aware that replay attacks exist, but its not the same thing as creating a copied card.

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Thats unfortunate, but thanks for educating me.
I thought it’s was more to do with spelling words incorrectly rather than using the incorrect word.
I’ll try to remember that.
Especially since there are quite a few people on this forum with it.


@Pilgrimsmaster to answer your question, yes, any of those.

@Recorpse is correct in this, insecure is perfectly acceptable.

From Google’s dictionary - ‘not sufficiently protected; easily broken into.’

Insecure can be used to describe insufficient security, where unsecure is usually used to describe things that are not secured at all. Nonsecure seems to be a catch-all.


Fair enough…I can admit when I’m wrong.
I should have done some non-biased research in the dictionary before making extraordinary claims.

personally I would describe
a person as insecure
and a building or computer system as un or non-sercure.
never the other way around


Please tell me it blows up. It gives a warning message to throw it like you can throw cards, and it just KAPLOW!

I though so too. Person seems irate. Like they weren’t getting the answers they want, so they seem pissed.

I really thought it was just a discussion. People are telling you what they know. Ever since I been on this site, no one seems like they are a troll.

Please do come back. People would want to know. I bet once you prove what you want, you can crowdfund it! Make just one, and see if Amal is interested partnering to manufacture and distribute?