Paying with converted microcards

I got positive reactions - often also questions.

One of the best reactions was in a restaurant. The person was so happy about it - she was freaking out, that she could see this . She knows about the implantable chips and what is possible to do. I posted the clip in the german whats app rfid group, and one of the members write me, I know her, she is a friend from me.

Store where you can buy, movies, toys, cosmetic produts sweets ( called “Müller” in Austria and Germany )
My friend was behind me, I bought his presents (soem DVDs) the cashier looks first a bit puzzled, and then she said: “You have a card implanted?” I say “Yes, I’m the first one in Austria” She asked me some other questions about it.

newspaper store
Very friendly shop assistent- she loves my mask (I have one with some countrys from the world on it) And then I paid with the implant - she was also surprised and intrested.

Chocolate Store in an outlet
“Never saw this, I only know that people from Russia are paying with watches” Before Corona this outlet have many visitors from all over the world. Also in summer, you saw many cars from other european countrys.

Clothes store in an outlet.
It was more a store for a bit crazy fashion - you can buy clothes with bolts and other stuff on it - a bit cyberpunk, steampunk,… I can’T discribe it - I need a cool belt - found one. The shop assistent has many piercings, tattoos … She said: “I didn’t know that you can pay with an implant” She knows also a bit about the chips.

At my work…
The first times - all of my coworkers were a bit surprised - on of them loves itm when I pay my stuff at this checkout. When some friends of him are at the store, he said: “look at hair - she has a payment implant”
The other first weeks when I got the implant. “Damn, I was to slowly to watch, show me again,…” It was short before the shop was closing - so no customers in it,… I got a chcoclate bar and paid at her desk.

I think is, the NFC function ona bankcard is normal for people - seeing it as on implant it is more ok for them, then an implant like the xNT or xEM,…