Paying with rfid chip

Hello everyone
Does anyone here know at there is a way be able to pay for stuff using an implanted rfid chip? I’ve seen a video on YouTube but can’t find any other info on how it was done.

Likely what you have seen on youtube is someone paying with a non-standardized payment system… something custom, like paying with bitcoin or venmo or a loyalty card type system… standard “tap and pay” use the EMV standard and there are no serious implants that can do that yet. We are working on VivoKey to try to enable EMV payments but it will be a long difficult road to get there.

Some people have simply removed a chip from a bank card and implanted that, but this is a temporary solution since those chips expire after a few years. It’s not a real commercial solution.

There is a video where a guy uses a dangerous things implant but he had an engineer from Venmo help him get it set up. There aren’t any follow up videos and seems the crew the guy etc don’t want to talk about it lol the best guess I have is the guy set up a special/custom (more so than normal?) tokenized UID. Which launched his Venmo app? He uses the chip to pay but they are also watching his phone. They use the NXP tools app for this while deal supposedly. So I’ve been reading all I can on the token system. Seems he was given the vault UID which average Joe never sees. I wondered if anyone else has tried anything similar? I’m new to this, amazed with the tech, just received my first tag super quick to thanks.

Yep, exactly… it was all custom created with the help of the Venmo engineer. It was not by any means standardized tap and pay, and wasn’t even standard for Venmo. The solution had nothing to do with the UID, it was a custom crafted NDEF record that also required the payee to give up the secure key to his Venmo account to the vendor… really not something fit for anything other than this proof of concept.

There have been other attempts at payment solutions that are similar, including a lot of work in the bitcoin space… but until VivoKey comes out, it will not be able to be secured. There is no way a static identifier stored on an xNT or any other implant will be able to be secured… only VivoKey will be able to actually perform cryptographic processes inside the body, which means private keys are not transmitted.