Payment card conversion questions


BTW @non-bin my repeater antenna for the CoM chips arrived a few days ago and works great. I’m just waiting on some specific tuning caps to arrive this weekend and then I’m gonna take it for a spin at some shops. I’ll post a video in the Resonant Repeater Stickers thread and tag you.

Amal’s not officially supporting CoM conversions because it’s so much effort to manage customer expectations and get the information that’s needed to even know if the conversion is possible. Yours is definitely CoM though, so I can help you get everything in order to send to him if you want a custom conversion.


I’ve sent a westpac paywear for conversion so it’s not a problem for me rn, but it might be in the future for Aussies as there aren’t any banks that do small form factor anymore (someone said the Heritage bank does but I haven’t looked into it


@ fraggersparks (fellow Aussie.)

Awesome, you’ll love it.

You guys have some similar eftpos terminals to us (NZ) I will update the spreadsheet when I get time, but put it this way, I haven’t had any issues with any of them.

It’s not quite a sff card; it’s a wearable you can extract the sff card from.

About a week ago, I saw this terminal for the first time. I don’t recall seeing these in Oz.


But if you do stumble across them…
I only used it once, but I can tell you It read perfectly fine when I placed my implant parallel where the Paywave logo is.

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Windcave? Anyone else laughing?

I was far to mature to snicker when I saw it…But maybe a smirk snuck across my face at the time.

The checkout operator probably thought I was a weirdo, smirking and wiping their terminal with the back of my hand

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It is the name of a National Park named after the winds at its entrance.

The payment company used to be called ”Payment Express" I have no idea why they changed their name.

Of course if you want odd names there is Maggies Nipple, Colorado and of course the trinity of tedium Dull, Boring and Bland

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I’m officially now using windcave to describe the mouths of people who won’t STFU


I work with a competitor of theirs in New Zealand (Windcave were Payment Express/DPS previously) and we still have a giggle every time we have to read their company name. We’ve employed previous employees of theirs and they were just as bamboozled by the name change.


When I place an order for the conversion, I notice that there are two types.
Can I request this version:

Instead of this version?

The type of conversion is based on the source device not the end target… the bottom example is the only option for those types of source devices because the chip is flip-chip adhered to the antenna substrate and cannot be removed. The top image shows a chip that was removed from the source device, it’s original antenna disconnected, and the chip connected to a new custom antenna before encapsulation.

What type of device are you wanting to convert?

I have 2 bank card that was confirmed by Satur9 to be able to work for the conversion. I want to place the implant into a magic wand for use as a payment wand. The long skinny implant would be the best because it will go up the wand, whereas the other one is too much real estate for my need.

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These are the chips on my two cards.

The bank cards in question are Coil on Module. You can’t attach an antenna to them, they need to be paired with a separate board. The end result will also end up being as big as the contact interface, which is anywhere from 9.5-12mm wide and rigid.

Most credit cards can’t be converted with the conversion service, because the bare silicon is attached to the back of the contact interface and covered in hard resin. The antenna connections are not readily available to be connected to and every card would need a different antenna.

Okay ={

I have a user who has a device that will work for my needs.

Will this chip work for the conversion service?

does it have a small trace like this on it?