Payment chip clarification

Hi, to start, I tried looking at previous posts before making this, but I’m awful at finding everything and am either dumb or too tired (it is 0421 at the time of this post) to know how to search properly. So roast away if I did miss a post about this and I am sorry if this a repeat.

Anyway, I was looking into the payment chip conversion and saw that certain chips (CoMs) would work. Even though my chip is on the pictographic list of chips, I did a check and there are wires around the card that lead back to the chip. On top of that, I found this post with a video explaining CoMs and what to look for. The demo card shown is the same card I was looking into converting, however, Amal specifically said in the beginning that it was NOT a CoM chip, I couldn’t see the chip too well and am not sure if it is the same chip or not. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell if it this is a CoM chip or not, my card was issued near end of last year, im not sure if the chip changed when his was issued

I can provide additional info and pics if needed

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Yes, that is a CoM chip. You can melt the card with acetone, pop the module out, clean it up a bit with isopropyl, and send it in for conversion.