Payment Chip in Europe

Hi, who makes Walletmor style payment chips in Europe? Ciao


AFAIK… Walletmor.
They are the main solution for payment chips in EU Europe… (EU, as in… not great in the UK)

Sorry if I misunderstood your question, though…

Ciao Fabrizio. Benvenuto!

Thanks friend, I paid (249 euros) but Walletmor didn’t send me the chip, they don’t answer email or phone. And today the cost has doubled (499 euros) I don’t know what happened. Now I need another chip company. THANK YOU. Ciao

Ciao da italia

Wow. Does that include installation now or something?

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Sorry to hear that!

Where did you buy it from?
if It was through here @amal might be able to help via the orange button, perhaps?

Also… Even if you miraculously get that chip now, double check the expiry date.

The other option, if you can get your hands on any regular contactless only card, there’s always the conversion service from DT.


There’s no mention of the deal being changed on their site. The fact that they doubled the price then went silent does not look good. Let’s hope there’s a reasonable explanation. :crossed_fingers:

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A friend of mine got theirs a few weeks ago but it had been delayed for months. So they’re still making them but they don’t seem very reliable at all.

they send the chip home and then you go to Rome or Milan for installation, installation cost (200 euros)

I purchased the chip on the Walletmor site for 249+20 euros shipping. Since yesterday the cost is 499+20 shipping. I don’t mind waiting and I don’t mind having lost the money but it’s very strange that they don’t respond. I need to find a serious company that sells subcutaneous chips to make payments, but I can’t find it. Thanks everyone

Hi AzF. Is this chip unreliable? or is it the company that is not reliable? :scream_cat: Thank you

The company. Not necessarily their fault but they have done a very bad job at communicating critical information in the past (regarding their US market and issues with their chip provider). Their customer service is almost non existent. Some customers had to wait for months without any information on their purchase etc…

As far as the implant goes I don’t have one. I’ve heard of a few breaking but there have been multiple improvements to the flex format since

So are we still in the Stone Age with chips in Europe? :t_rex:Ok I’ll wait a little longer and then I’ll give up the money too. Thanks for the reply

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Kinda, yeah :joy: especially southern Europe. Germany, the Netherlands and a few other countries have a decent community and some cool stuff going on.
I’ve been trying to spread the word in France for a couple years but things are slow :crossed_fingers:

Ok but Walletmor is in England. Sorry but in Germany and Holland where do they buy this chip?on mars? :rocket:

:joy: i meant there is a big biohacking community in general and chips are more accepted publicly

I must add they (Walletmor) intentionally miscommunicated information at one point.

Remember how they had a section claiming to have a partnership with iCard, while at the same time iCard claimed to not have anything to do with them?


That, my friend, is a challenge.

This has to do with Visa and Mastercard imposing arbitrary rules that make implants unatainable or pointless.
It’s not an Europe thing. it’s a global issue.

The technology exists, but is not allowed to be used with the payment terminals we have out there… which means most of the solutions you will find will be operating in some sort of gray area.

Not exactly. That is yet another “miscomunication”, as I would put it.
They set offices in London to seem more professional, but…

Their chips aren’t even accepted in the UK.


Hey guys,I’ve also been looking for a payment method in Europe.
I came across the vivokey apex flex. This has the hardware for it. But sadly it still cannot be setup to make payments.
I also see a lot of talking about Fidesmo. Why would you want to install Fidesmo on Apex flex if your not able to pay with it?

I found nxtpay. it seems
the top in Europe, but it’s only for Germans. I think I’ll freeze myself for 20 years. Will I find the chip in 2044?