Payment Chip in Europe

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I spoke to all the specialists recommended by Walletmor, some of them have never done it, others don’t want to install chips with a needle, all of them want me to have surgery, a very expensive operation, a long journey, and then you have to come back to remove the surgical stitches . and then I can’t travel around Europe to install a chip. Now I have made an appointment for a surgical operation in Rome by “Max Art Modification” but I have to wait for the arrival of a piercer surgeon who operates with a scalpel :face_with_spiral_eyes:They asked me on the phone the exact place where I want to insert the chip, but I don’t I know. Thanks everyone for the help

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If it’s of any help there are at least two installers in the south of england who can do a flex implant with a needle. Piercings by Tim in brackley and Adrian at Interskin in walton on thames. They are both ksec installer partners. I know it’s not ideal but if you decide to go london or uk for a short trip then you could get it done at the same time. Im sure a budget airline ticket can be just as cheap as going to somewhere like germany.

Piercings by Tim



Thank you. yes, maybe it was faster to go to the UK. unfortunately now I have to discover the most functional place to insert the chip and then I have to indicate it to the surgeon.Ciao

From my experiece, (I had my payment at the P4 position)I would suggest Positions P1 - P4 ( Follow the blue links )

They are on the back of the hand, The benefit is, the skin is thin, so good for reading, and because they are on the hand, you get maximum mobility to present to a reader.

The back of the wrist ~where you would wear a watch (Avoid the watch side if you wear one) is a good alternative, but the skin is slightly thicker and you don’t have the same mobility as the hand.

Happy to discuss further, also, other people here may give their suggestions / experience

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Maybe you can go to Germany Cologne and contact “Martin Kraus” he implanted the most of my flexchips.

I removed the stitches by myself.
One did also a doctor. I need also to travel.

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Thank you. Ok I like P3. P4 can break the chip when I close my hand very hard. I’m going to Rome on Saturday. I hope they don’t cut the veins in my hand Ciao

I decided not to install the chip :rage: It is no longer possible to transfer money to the iCard app. I only managed to do one test. I transferred 10 euros and paid with a chip. Now the iCard app is asking me to contact them.These companies are not trustworthy :lying_face:Thank you

By what method are they asking you to contact them? email or phone call?

They may be asking for a photo of the “card”.

If you would like to contact them, we will try to help you with whatever we can


Thanks Pil.I installed my chip and it works and finally after 2 days I loaded with money. it was a problem with my Visa card. Now it works but with a few POS and when I pay asks me to also enter always the 4-digit PIN. but now I found the solution on an old iCard page
Unfortunately iCard says if you pay less than 50 euros 5 times consecutive then you also have to type the PIN :thinking:



That’s Awesome that it is actually working now


Just a reminder, It may work now, but as your body heals itself, your performance might degrade a little, However, after about 2 weeks, the healing should be mostly done, and your performance should improve again.

Thanks Pil I’m a little happier now :cowboy_hat_face: I’m sorry that many POS don’t read the chip. I installed my chip by Max Art Modification Rome Italy.operation with scalpel. I think it’s P3 position.I hope it’s a good place.Thanks again for your help :handshake:Ciao

You might need to try different positions and orientations with different readers to get a read. You will also need to wait for swelling to go down for maximum performance.

HI. I am in Italy. MRI with contrast total body (1.5 Tesla Power) Chip still good but Liver is bad :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Oh no! The liver is quite resilient… hopefully this is a recoverable issue.


Tomorrow I’m going for the CT scan and trying the Chip again. I have another MRI on Wednesday. Friday x-ray. (photo) Sorry but my liver needs these tests. If the chip still works it is now ready to go into space :rocket:


If it’s not we will replace for you… but I’m confident it’ll be fine.


X-Ray Computed Tomography with Contrast.Tried Chip and still works well, Iiver still works poorly :radioactive:


Next week Pet scan. that’s enough I ate too many positrons :no_entry_sign:


:frowning: hopefully you can whip it into shape

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