Payment terminals with touch screens

Okay for everyone with a payment conversion or payment implant of some kind, I have some experimenting for you to do.

I just experimented with a payment terminal… One of the accursed verifone terminals. What seemed to happen, was that it refused to work until I stopped making contact with the touch screen. It should not matter, but I’ve seen this exact kind of behavior before with door locks… basically if you’re making contact with the touch screen or a capacitive touch button before trying to scan your fob at the door, it just simply won’t work. This is shitty firmware programming of course, but I wouldn’t put it past terminal makers to make the same mistake. They are expecting a phone to be held far away from the terminal face and frankly don’t give a crap about any other kind of interaction.

I’m hoping I’m wrong, and I’m going to do some more testing later… But I want to ask if anyone else has noticed that making contact with a touch screen payment terminal while trying to pay is creating difficulty?

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I did a little testing, and it’s a little Column A a little Column B

The NFC reader on the newer fancy reader my gas station has, the NFC reader stays on even if you touch the screen… but if you interact with anything the NFC turns off

Video to follow, can’t decide if I want my audio in it because you hear my actual suprise when the reader turned off

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