Payment with NFC chips. Workaround?


that depends on the transferred power…

perhaps it was cercadia 1.0?

Obviously the battery had not failed… but was about to… with drastic consequences if it had while still inside the body.

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That’s absolutely brutal to look at. Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard about that implant or the “incident”. That’s such a huge battery too (relatively speaking), so much energy. Even if it hadn’t started venting, a bad short would have been horrific to imagine.

It was exactly that! Thanks!

That second picture is the exact reason why I don’t have a Northstar v2 in my chest :wink:

I think the “Pegleg” or other such things are just ridiculous. Those guys going out, buying some boards and converting them into implants, it’s almost like a bad movie.

It’s reckless and daring, and I would neither do it to myself nor recommend doing that to anyone - but it’s crazy folks like these who keep mankind moving :wink:

I mean, lots of the stuff we do here would seem pretty ridiculous to most other people as well :woman_shrugging:



I fail to see what’s actually ridiculous about the peg leg?

It’s effing huge sure, but it’s still encapsulated in a bio goop, is there some other risk factor I’m missing?

If memory serves the v1 only failed because it got smashed in a taxi door or something


Correct, although in general it’s size doesn’t help (sharp ish corners / relatively thick). I believe that there are people who have had a pegleg V2 installed for well over a year now.

agree with both.

Actually, if it wasn’t for people doing crazy stuff in the past, we wouldn’t even be here right now…


We should definitely respect the pioneering work of previous biohackers, but we also have to recognize their failings so we can learn from them and move forward.

I think what Intector means is that it was a total hack job using off the shelf parts that are not suited for implantation. There was a bunch of superflous junk that the pegleg didn’t even need to function that made the whole implant unnecessarily big. It should have been a custom board. We can do better.

Agree with you there.
Yet “the “Pegleg” or other such things are just ridiculous” is a statement that goes quite on the opposite direction from that.

Humans barely ever learn anything from what they treat as inferior.

It’s a similar principle to why most older people are unable to recognise a young person as able to teach them: because when we judge something as “bellow us” or “just ridiculous”, we are pushing it into a realm where no learning comes from.

One thing is to respectfully recognise failures and shortcomings, a very different thing is to depreciate them.