PCB board, for car door lock

Hey y’all I’m working on a PCB board and I need the dimensions and/or schematic for the new EM access controller, does anyone have one that they could take a picture of with a ruler or somebody that has the specs preferably in millimeters but I can convert anyway


I can provide more measurements if needed. Just let me know


Thank you so much this is gonna fast track my PCB design so much :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::v::v::v::v::v::v::v:


So I’ve got the PCB all designed up I’m just waiting on some quotes from manufacturers, here’s some pics for you guys and the minimum order is usually more than 5 so if anyone wants one let me know.

So, what’s the plan here? Are you mating the xAC v2 with an off-shelf relay module?

If you use JLCPCB you can do smaller MOQ


I’m using a key fob wireless relay to power a door lock actuator (my car currently only has manual locks) and the RFID readers relay to interrupt the motor for the unlock side only.

Edit: I’ve looked into jlcpbc, their minimum is 2 but their shipping is either really slow or expensive

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Update: I’ve ordered the PCB and expedited shipping so hopefully I’ll have the project up and running next week!