PCL plastic for implants

I’m a big fan of polycaprolactone - aka ShapeLock, Polymorph and many other brand names. I’ve used the stuff for decades to make part prototypes, machining jigs and quick fixes for just about anything.

I’m re-reading the Wikipedia page for PCL plastic because I’m trying to find out under which name it’s sold here in Finland, to buy some to make a prototype for my NFC bracelet. And I’m surprised to learn that it’s a biocompatible material - something I had never paid any attention to before getting into the magical world of implants.

Anybody knows if it’s been tried by hobbyist implant makers? I know people have tried Sugru, but PCL looks like it would be a good candidate material also. Although anybody who’s played with it knows it goes rock-hard when it cools down, so maybe it’s not so great under the skin.

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I’ve not but I suspect it would be like pla… it would degrade in the body.

Yeah it degrades, but the Wikipedia page says it’s very slow. I’m thinking with a thick enough coating, it could last a lifetime. Not to mention, it’s doubtful that any home-made implant will still stay implanted for many years.

In short, it might be very good for short- to medium-term experiments.

Might be worth exploring…

A really good plastic for implants is called PEEK… but it is very expensive

Yep. And it’s also a bitch to machine: I used to make vaping atomizers as a side hobby, with PEEK insulators for the coil posts, because that plastic holds up really good in high temperatures and doesn’t gas out easily. But it’s not fun to mill.

Or 3D print either: it needs over 300C on the print head, over 120C ambient, a very hot heated bed etc. but it has some amazing qualities

Delrin may work, easy to machine and already used in some joint replacements.

It’s a pain in the ass to source a lot of things in Finland apart from cucumber and Fiskars tools.
Rosco, if you need bits and bobs send me a message, I get it in the UK, wrap it up and send it to you. Done it before, needed it before. Don’t be shy!

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Rye bread, fish, game and wood are very easy to source :slight_smile: But yeah, it’s kind of a pain to find anything here. And when it exists, you have to figure out what the hell the Finnish word for it is.

Thanks. If I need help, I’ll hit you up :slight_smile:

Rye bread - cucumber combo :bread: :cucumber: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I remember the feeling when I lived in stantaclausia and was struggling to source material, because ebay-pistet-fi is :poop:, so unless you find it in the ‘shouting shop’ or the ‘yellow-market’ you have no chance!!

I remember the feeling when my friend said: write it down I get it for you. I sort out the delivery… I felt mentally liberated.

So just write it down and I get it for you. I sort out the delivery!

Thus I learn the parts of the motorcycle. =) People were like: WOA! You so specific!
I was like: WOA! China doesn’t deliver here!!

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