PegLeg Implant and Other Curiosities

Hey guys! I found this wired article about some biohackers making a combo wifi router and storage implant that acts as part of a mesh network. It’s nuts. Is there any hope of something like this becoming more widely available? The project currently has it’s own webpage that includes all of the steps to make one- but I definitely don’t trust myself with that. What are your thoughts on more “homebrew” type implants? The forum seems to be filled with the stuff.

The original Wired article

The PegLeg website

Hello and welcome. Not too much talk about the pegleg here but check out the DT discord there was a crowd engineering project over there to make a smaller version.

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woooahh there’s a discord?! where can i join?

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fyi, i updated to include the discord invite link… i also created to go straight to it as well.