Piezo buzzer implant poll

I’ve sent some motors over to Amal. They should be in in a bit, they were backordered. Ugh. Anyways, I’m trying to mock up one here and wondered,

Who would want an LED version

  • LED
  • Non-LED

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I’ll share some pictures of the mockup in a bit.

Just for my understanding: you’re designing an induction-powered vibrating implant and you’re asking if there should be a blinky with it, right?

In which case, the obvious question: is there enough power out of the coil for a micromotor? I wouldn’t think so, but I’m curious.

Do tell more!

The motor is rated for 3v and who knows how many amps. I’m not super well versed on how much power NFC can put out and I’m just hoping it works! Worst comes to worst, I could always just do a non NFC induction coil with specific external hardware. I have no idea if it will work basically, just decided why the hell not!

Okay, there’s a number of problems with your idea:

  • Size: the smallest pager motor I could find is this one. 3.2 mm diameter will require a massive glass tube to contain it - with thick walls, since the rotating mass will be in empty space. Not counting the availability of such tube, welding the ends will require a lot of heat for a long(er) time, and that may damage the motor. And then with the 8-mm length of this motor, you haven’t yet factored in that of the coil (say another 8 mm) and the wheatstone bridge between the coil and the motor.

  • Power: your typical glass implant coil has enough oomph to light up a LED. That’s 50 to 100 mW. Pager motors require a lot more than that: look at this one: 3V * 195 mA = 585 mW. Even assuming you’re extremely lucky and you score a subminiature motor that requires half, or even a third of that, it’s still too much by a long shot.

So in short, if you sent pager motors to Amal, I have a feeling all he’ll be able to do with them is make scale model vibrating dildos…

So in short, if you sent pager motors to Amal, I have a feeling all he’ll be able to do with them is make scale model vibrating dildos…

Sooo lovetron 9000?!
The motor was one posted in another thread on here. Its actually only 10mm across! I do know it takes 3v, but the product listing didnt tell me wattage, so hopefully it works!
I was hoping to fit it in a modified flex implant. Of course I’m just talking about what I was thinking, I haven’t discussed this with Amal yet! I was thinking either a coffin shape, so the widest part can hold the motor. Either that or like a bobblehead in a flex if you will.

My understanding is that Amal can only bio-coat flattish things. See here.

Moonman is taking about one of these

LRA, linear resonant actuator. The ones we use at work are 3v about 10mm across and you little power and they hit hard. Probably would make a good implanted vibrator :smirk:

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