Piezo buzzer implant

I’d love to see something like this, maybe in a flex series! I’ve asked over on the electrical engineering stack exchange about small piezos that could be powered by nfc. I’ll keep you all up to date!
Amal, let’s talk!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wonder if you could put something like this in an implant.

Might be another interesting way of giving feedback. On that note… hows the shocking implant going @amal?

How much does nfc put out anyways?

How much what?

Voltage, current

Off an I^2C plus test card, I get ~3v @ 16mA with the ACR122U. Thanks again for that btw @Satur9 they work great :smiley:


What’s the point then? If you need something on the outside to activate a haptic implant, you might as well leave everything outside.

Alternative to blinky for coupling feedback?

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Bear with me, as I read about the dude making a sex implant. A dude could put one on his peen. The woman or man can put a vibrating receiver inside them. So when the chip is close, they both vibrate. Idk. I just wanted to come up with an inside way to power it.

Get it to work with low power 40 hz or w/e electricity is

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50Hz or 60Hz depending on where you are in the world usually I believe.

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I was thinking it could be used in a bottlenose style device. Use an external piece to use the vibrations as feedback.