Pigeon raceing chip

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It is my first post in the forum. I am interested in programming Hitag S256 chips used in pigeon racing. These chips work on specific Benzing, Bricon, Mega System etc. systems. To minimize costs, I would like to buy a empty chip and upload the appropriate code. Someone tried to do something like that, what should I have a writer and is it possible. Chips are likely to be encrypted. Please help.

That is interesting, I have seen some for sale on Aliexpress in the past.
I haven’t got any to try any practical testing on for you.

Without research as to the compatibility with
Benzing, Bricon, Mega System etc and the encrypted side of them.
I know they can have a key and potential challenge/ resonse, but my personal knowledge on the HiTag is pretty limited.
That being said , I would suggest a Proxmark3 as I know it can “Talk” to HiTag.
I dont have a PM3 I front of me at the moment so I can’t go through the commands, but outside of any specific Reader / Writer that would be your best bet

The closest product DT has is for implanting, called the xHT

But this would probably be overkill if it is not being implanted.
But I am not 100% sure of your specific use.

I have looked at some pigeon racing tags before, specifically the Bricon 5001. I looked at them some time ago and dont recall many specifics so Im trying to get my hands on some again (think I lost the ones that were given to me).

Speaking about the technology claimed they use which is HitagS it can be used in a secure fashion. However, that would rely on the integrator/whoever has programmed the reader to set it up that way. From a quick glance at the datasheet (I dont really do LF tags) it appears they can use an authentication mode or a ‘plain’ mode. Both of which a T5577 (a common versatile LF card used for cloning) can also do so there is some potential they could be cloned.

If you get a proxmark and can identify the technology being used then you can start playing with it and see what can/cannot be done.

Im also curious what you would use a clone for? Since the clone would most likely be in a card form factor; not something that could be use in a real race.

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I bought several tags from Aliexpress but they do not work with any system.

I would not like to use cards, just a ring tag. I bought a reader from Aliexpress and I was able to notice that the page 4 & 5 changes with each use. All tags have the same values ​​for pages 1, 2, 3, 6, 7. The Aliexpress reader can only change the values ​​for pages 2 & 3 others are blocked.

Do you have a link or picture?

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