Pipboy-like device

Hi this is my first post so if I did something wrong you can just delete it but I was wondering if anyone had thought about making a pipboy that could communicate with their implants (like viewing and altering the code) because I’m a Fallout fan and I think it would be really cool. I was also thinking maybe the device could possibly boost the signal of the implants somehow when it’s turned on?


I’ve seen some phone case things that basically try to turn your phone into a pipboy… I think that’s actually a good start. What might make sense is to expand that using a custom NFC reader chip and coil that goes around the whole arm and disable the internal NFC reader in the phone.


Tbh I don’t have any implants yet and don’t understand everything I’ve read on here but I’m googling and learning as I go along, but do you think it would be a good idea to use a raspberry pie instead of a phone? Also do you think it would be possible to get it to read multiple tags, maybe being able to individually switch between them with a dial or would that cause interference between implants?

Honestly a phone is going to have everything you need; radios out the wazoo, touchscreen interface, cameras, sensors including compass, be energy efficient, be dirt cheap, and be extremely miniaturized already.

Using an ISO standard reader chip allows for multiple chips in the field to be communicated with. Both ISO14443 and ISO15693 support anti-collision protocol… but… the built in nfc stack for the phone doesn’t… because they lazy… so again if you had an external NFC reader you talked to over Bluetooth or direct USB using reader specific commands, then yes you could easily “cycle through” chips in the field.


Okay thank you that makes sense I would love to do something like this one day when I have the money to do it