Pixel 2 NFC Sweet Spot


I’ve got an xNT and just ordered a Pixel 2 (not the XL). I’m looking at cases. Anyone know where the sweet spot is for reads? I was looking at cases that can store a couple cards on the back, but if the sweet spot is in the center (as it is on my LG G4) then read/write will be considerably difficult!

Phone is shipping anyways, and I’m not ordering a case until I figure this out… so, if nobody responds, well, I’ll post back with what I find out!


I slipped into a Verizon store and played with the pixel 2 and p2 xl… the xl read both flexnt and xNT much better than the p2… dunno about cases… might be a challenge. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.


Just got my Pixel 2 yesterday and got it activated. The “sweet spot” appears to be immediately above the fingerprint sensor under the glass part. I’m finding the read performance is about the same as my old LG G4. As usual, you need to direct skin contact, and you need to learn the best phone orientation to read your tag. I have not tried a case yet. I AM planning on getting one where I may have some trouble reading the tag, but we’ll see, and I’ll reply back.

Now, I AM somewhat disappointed with the latest Oreo updates (though I hear this may have come earlier) where they disabled 1) NFC Smart Unlock Trusted Devices (i.e. no more NFC unlock) and the NFC on/off home screen tile (swipe down).