Pixel 3xl implant question


So I’m new to the forum and I was doing some searching and couldn’t find any info on which implant would possibly interact best with my pixel 3xl? I don’t know if things have changed since the pixel 2 and j just wanted to confirm this? I have a lot of heavy body modifications already but tbh I’m horrible at tech stuff. I love the idea of getting one of these implants as I already got a magnet years ago and I love it but I really want to make sure I get the right chip to play around with. I’m researching and in the beginning stages. Any help would be appreciated!


If you plan to read it with your phone, you would need an NFC compatible implant such as the xNT or flexNT.


I can confirm the xM1 does work on the pixel 3 but only with the MIFARE Classic Tool


I didn’t mention the xM1 as it’s no longer available.