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Hello everyone,

Would it be practical to place a magnet on the spot in the arm for, among other things, the feeling of magnetic fields and if so, what is the best place to put it?

Some people have placed magnets in their arms but sensing is best when magnets are placed in an area with high density of tactile nerves like fingertips. I do know some people who have placed magnets on their wrists and have been able to sense some fields, but resolution is low.

Cassox designed a double magnet that has two held next to eachother in solid PMMA, but with opposing poles specifically to move more flesh and allow sensing in less nerve dense areas like the arm. I installed one as a tragus magnet and it didn’t work, but if anyone wants to try it for it’s intended purpose of arm sensing I have a spare.

Normal magnet:

Cassox double mag:

Me playing around:

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You can DM your preferred way of receiving payment and price. Hopefully I can get it under the skin around :christmas_tree: and tell about results.

Does it come in that vial? :heart_eyes:

Do you have any magnets currently?

2 implanted and two waiting to be implanted.

Someone else reached out to me first, and they have no magnets, so I’m inclined to trade them for it. Thanks for playing though.

Fair enough! Still interested hearing about (first hand :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) experiences with this array…

Also, I am sending my best wishes to wherever the magnets ends up to be🍀

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