Placement flexM1

It is done! :sweat_smile: Finally a cyborg.

The needle had a slightly bent tip, so my artist used a scalpel and dermal tool instead.
Hurt like a motherlover for 5 seconds, but a lot better than I feared.

For comparison, I used to do body suspension before (hanging from hooks) and I’d rate the pain as similar, but for a MUCH shorter time.

The whole flex procedure took about 1 minute :grin:


On a sidenote, my artist has a mifare ultralight chip and she’d like to use it clocking in/out of work…

Are there any readily available products for this, or is this best solved as a raspberry/arduino project? :thinking:

There is. One just came out recently, although it’s a little in the experimental stages, as it’s a new implant. Although it’s hella cool. There’s also the wedge option.

No I think you misunderstood… She’s allready chipped with a mifare, and so are her employees.
What I wondererd is if there’s a product avaliable where you can scan your implant when you start work, then scan it again when you leave - to log hours at work.

Congrats! Wishing you a good and uneventful healing period :wink: :crossed_fingers:

Damn, now I’m a bit envious again… I think about doing that for quite some time now, never really met the right people or dared to do it…
So to clarify - you say the pain of a suspension is similar to a nearly-not-numbed dermal elevator install, just longer? I might rethink my ideas… :wink:

How to answer your question… :thinking:
1: everyone has different pain thresholds
2: everyone has a different reaction to pain

So a short explanation:
I used to be TERRIFIED of needles. Always has been, not getting into the story of why, but at some point in my life I decided that I needed to confront this fear.

And so I ended up joining a friend to Oslo SusCon to watch other people poke their bodies.
And what I remember from that, is their faces.
Every. Single. One. looked bliss and happy.

So I decided to try.

For me, getting hooked/pierced was the main issue (I thought) and this is the experience I am comparing to installing a flex.

The suspension part itself is a bit different. You basically pull and stretch your skin to a point where you elevate from the ground, and it does hurt like hell until you reach that point. But you do it in your own pace, and somewhere along the way, your body pumps out so much adrenaline and endorphins that the pain stops and you get a ‘natural high’ that feels incredible.
Kind of like “this was worth all the pain tenfold”

… And then you also notice that you’re airborne… which is also incredible and serene and FUN!

I highly recommend to try it at least once - for the experience.

But be warned. “You’ll get hooked” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m totally aware of that, and I know it’s already incredibly hard to compare different types of pain on one person, let alone comparing pain levels between different persons :wink: But since you made both experiences (suspension and flex install), I was curious how you would rate them…

That’s what got me interested some years ago - I know two people who did that, and I totally believe that this was a very impressive experience. I love bodymods (for 20 years now), and my pain threshold in that area of life is pretty okay, but I’m always insecure when trying out new things… I know I can stand piercings, tattoos and such, but I was pretty unsure if I would survive my scarification. I did, it was fun, and now I know that’s fine, too :wink:
I guess with suspensions, it might be similar… and I finally won’t know it until I try it out.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I think when all this lockdown-stuff is finally over and there are conventions and such again, I will take a look into that… :slight_smile:

oh no!

That’s some fast scalpel work


Lassi didn’t need much more time on mine.

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I bet there are products, but a lil coding a raspi and a NFC reader are the better option I guess.

Not if you don’t want problems with the unions or with the ISO 9001 inspector, depending on the level of certification the company is gunning for. DIY solutions are rarely an option for any but the smallest companies in such critical applications.

I’m talking about the company clock of course, not your own thing you do to clock in your own hours :slight_smile:

Hi has anybody tried installing flexm1 at this area? My hands are almost anatomically full already with chips and i am looking for an advice if anybody tried it at the location on the picture and whether which part of the hand is L3 located as discussed above



It is a good position, it has been used for xSeries, magnets, the older wedge Flexes like the FlexM1, the FlexDF etc

here is an example of a FlexDF installation I can think of in that position

As I mentioned above, the FlexM1 and FlexDF are the same form factor, and the FlexM1 you are considering, is more flexible than the newer Flex implants
see below.


The newer PCB Flex, like the FlexDF2,

has also been done, HOWEVER, the first versions of these had some issues with the chip seperating from the PCB slightly, causing failures.

A new design has been rigirously tested to eliminate /reduce the chance of this happening, BUT, I dont think the new design has been tested in vivo as yet, therefore not in that location yet.

All that to say, if you have the space to install, then I would see it as a viable option for you.

The skin there is a little thicker to get through so it will take some more force.
Ensure you go to AT LEAST the marking on the custom needle.

Good luck, keep us posted with your journey. ( there is actually very little documented installs there, so we would be happy to see yours )

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I put my FlexM1 in that location. So far I haven’t had any issues with it and its Been in about a year.


Hi guys!

Ive just read this info about FLEXM1, it says does not share data or trigger events thru smartphone via NFC.

Am i right to assume that it will not interfere with the triggering of events and data transcendance via NFC from my existing chips even if i decide to put it side by side with my exusting chips?

This is my current layout and my plan… will the flexm1 range still interfere with my existing chips or its safe to put it there along side with them?

if you put them too close next to another high frequenxy implant it will interfere most likely at the SELECT stage. choose your placement wisely


No, you are not right.

This is technically not an NFC chip, but is a high frequency RFID chip. Some phones can communicate with it, and some can’t depending on which RFID/NFC chip set is used in the phone itself.

They use the same frequency, but they talk different protocols. It would be like having a French and English AM radio station broadcasting on the same frequency. You might be able to hear one or the other, but you might instead get an unintelligible mess.


Generally those 3 points are correct, and also what Zwack said is correct, but, there are exceptions.

FYI those 3 points on the webpage are actually links to more info.

Share data with NFC enabled smartphones

Trigger events on NFC devices like smartphones

Can’t make payments with this chip implant

Depends on your definition of payment, but it can be used for payment in closed systems if it is supported ( vending machines, cafeteria etc ) But also on some public transport systems, again, if it is supported

Looking at your CURRENT proposed plan

I still think this one :arrow_down: is a better option for you ( I think you will have better reads with fewer issues in that location )

unless there is another reason why you don’t want to put it there?..

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Update. It has quit working