Planned Implant locations

If you have to buy something, get Tasker: it has an NFC trigger function, and it can do a million more things. Mine is setup to launch open an SSH tunnel, launch my mail client and check the mail when I present my implant to my phone. I don’t think you can get NFC Tasks to do that.


I should check out Tasker apparently


So… have them help you with your left hand installation… if they complain, tell them they are not following the Word of God… or something like that.

Classic reflex syncope… probably vasovagle.

yeah! what he said!


I plan to put any glowing implants on my right hand from now on. I think that will be the only thing I put there. As a side not, I have only ever had p.o. box number 666 where available, oddly, people request to not have that one!

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I have downloaded this. Is this what I should use to password protect it? I tried to set a password, but it was unable to.

I am still working on what my implant really is and what it can all do. I will gladly look into Tasker also. Thank you.

Of course I just came accross this, does this mean I don’t need to worry about throwing a password on it?

Correct buddy :+1:

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Just saying, this is a perk for those of us that are not as high speed as some of yall.

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Are you having fun playing with you Implants?

Did you get an xAC from DT?

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To be honest, all I have managed to do in 12 hours, is tie the spark to this forum and the vivokey one.
I have both redirecting to Rick Astley currently. I really have not much idea of what to do.

The Next reads well through my phone case, not so much the spark.

I have an xAC, I figured I could use it to do something, and give me a reason to help learn about my implants.

Sounds like you have hit the ground running

I guess you have already seen these, but if not I would definitely recommend these as a starting point for the xAC


It gets better once they heal. First off, because of the swelling. Secondly because it doesn’t hurt to push your phone into exactly the right spot. I had a hard time scanning my NExT when I first got it, but now I can get it first try everytime.

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Totally… sometimes it just happens when certain nerves get tickled just right. I separated my AC joint in my left shoulder (full type 3) many years ago, but at around day 5 the doc saw me to confirm and just put his thumb into the AC joint and pushed a tiny bit… barely hurt at all, but I instantly got the sweats and almost passed out… had to lay down quickly to ensure I didn’t fall off the exam table.

I also implanted a guy once and he was doing fine, but then after a few minutes he came to me and said he changed his mind and wanted it out… and kinda started to panic a bit… I said “ok, we can try to work it back out” and after about 10 seconds of trying to squeeze and work it out like a big pimple he went straight out… full jerky floppy mode. I grabbed his arm and held him to the table so he wouldn’t fall out of his seat, and some people came over to assist… laid him down and within 20 seconds he was awake again… but dude had to go home with a chip implant in him.


Figured I would update my own post since I am adding a new location. I remember I said I would buy one of these,

But I am having a hard time figuring out where I would put it and what I would use it for. I will be ordering the blue xSIID here in a bit instead. I just wanted to ask about the writing issue. Has there been any updates? And if I use the pm3 to write to it, will it write more than 1000 bytes?


Haha, welcome to everybody’s world…

Not as far as I am aware, I have no doubt it will happen, but It is out of Amals hands, so when that will be, I have no idea.


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Updated xLED lit up.


This update is really just for me in case I want to know dates, but I installed the blue xSIID today. L4. I used inject-able lido this time, and I will say, I am likely to use it again. The 3 without lido were fine, but for self install, it made it so much easier. Will post a pic of the blue when I get home. I also used a different tegaderm, as the ones sent with the kit are not hypoallergenic, and one scar from them is enough.



Probably not as much as when you tell them it was from a :adhesive_bandage:


It isn’t my fault that my body doesn’t need a bandaid and tries to reject it.

The scar will fade eventually, it is just annoying. I mainly only post about the bandaid in case people aren’t considering that when they get theirs. I feel it would be too spendy for Amal to switch all the packages to hypoallergenic ones.

Also, my xSIID was loaded so the LED came out LAST. I was really hoping it would be the other way, but it isn’t. Just figured I would also throw that out there, as I know the other thread stated it is pretty much a crapshoot.


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