Planned Implant locations

Title pretty much.

My kit is in town at the poat office waiting to be delivered. I also just got called to say I need to work tomorrow night. This works for me as I now have someone to tent my skin for me.

In L0 I plan to put the NExT on the left and the xLED on the right. In L6 I hope to put the spark 2. I attached a pictured I edited.

Kinda have buyers remorse as I should have threw the magnet in the cart also!

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I threw on a tourniquet and I had to adjust the L6 a slight bit down as there was a vein a little too close for my comfort. Hopefully I will have some pictures or a video to show yall of the install tomorrow. I hope to do all 3 at once. Those lines are around 15mm for scale

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Nice, good luck, I hope it goes well

I wouldn’t do the one in the thumb. Too much potential for accidents there. Also, for the other two, I’d do one, let it heal and settle, then the other. My own implants shifted a lot after installation, and ended up at a totally different place. If I had done both at the same time, there would have been a significant chance that they’d have ended up at the same location, knocking against each other.

General question: Is there issues for the next/spark being that close for HF readings? Would think you could end up reading the wrong one

Good questions. I have no clue. I figured i would hold my thumb out to scan the spark, but I might listen to @anon3825968 about not the thumb. I guess I just want the Led to light up when I scan something.

The alternative for the spark is up on my arm more. Preferably the forearm, so any prefered forearm locarion idead are appreciated.

The area your highlighted there is a high impact, heavy use, gripping area. Hell, I de-iced my driveway only yesterday and I have a huge blister at that exact location just handling the deicing bar - and I didn’t feel anything until I saw it after the work was done. If I had an implant there, I’d have been worried, and I didn’t even do anything special.

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Great points. It really doesn’t matter to me where exactly it is. I really have no great ideas for some of the functions, so I was going to have a URL redirect to this.


So when they are scanning it, I make that with my hand under their phone.

That was that only reason for wanting it there over someplace else.


I think safety trumps showmanship. Having said that, nothing prevents you from doing your “okay hand” with your implant at the usual location atop/around the thenar muscle: it’s actually a very good gesture to tense up the muscle and bring out the implant to ensure proper reading with a cellphone.

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Spark L0, xLed L0, and Next L1 maybe?

Oh boy.

Just a small update.

I was planning to install tonight at work with a co worker, but the next few shifts, I am scheduled with a very religious person who said they would not help me get a mark of the beast.

My wife also doesn’t want to help.

I installed the spark in L0, it seemed to go just fine. I had zero issues it felt like, maybe the only thing I will chamge for the next is to advance the needle half a cm more. It is there and covered up. It came back a little towards the hole, just a lil too close for my comfort, so i plan to keep a pressure bandage on it for the next day or two.

I had no issue with the pain. About 2 minutes after I got it in though, I about passed out, no clue why. My wife and I were laughing about it.

So she reluctantly agreed to help with the NeXT. About to do that here in a bit.


Kindly remind them the Mark of the Beast is in the Right Hand, not the Left and they should probably know this in case they run into the devil incarnate :wink:


Fair! I think if I get one that glows, that will be the only thing I put in my right hand.

Wife just helped with Next. Hopefully it will straighten itself out. I will take pics once I change dressings. Or rather just take the tegaderm off.

Does this mean I can chant “one of us” ?

Also, with the spark, if it does end up sliding out, would I just send it back and @Amal would replace it?



Maybe its stage right which would be the left hand.


Which app is best to manage my NeXT?

Is it hard for me to accidently brick it?

“Best” is subjective, NXP are the makers of most of the DT Chips. so NXP apps you can expect to interact better with them
Tag Writer is good for writing to your NExT - xNT
Tag Info Is a good one for getting info on chips, ie. to see if it is a Mifare etc
NFC Tools Less popular but some people @turbo2ltr prefer it over Tag Writer. There is a Pro version you can pay for also.
Just download them all and see which YOU prefer

For the HF side Yes, the NExT is protected before it departs DT, ( Unlike the xNT which may be, that is what you use the DT App for )

For the xEM, the T5577 does not have “tear protection” so just ensure good coupling before writing to it

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Well, If you are not going to…

One of us

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