Playing around with PGP on my Apex

The first thing I noticed was that PGP interfaces are heavily geared toward contact cards you insert and do your business with. Gracefully using contactless PGP smartcards remains a bit of a challenge…

Being on Windows I use Putty for all my SSH needs. I found this fairly well maintained version of Putty that includes a bunch of smartcard support across all the Putty utils…

Installed the GnuPg set of utilities for playing around with PGP…

The kleopatra cert manager supports smartcards and all the key management aspects therein… although here again the rubberband sling solution was necessary for efficient use.

Right out of the gate, putty-cac shows some interesting new security options!




I’m planning to do the same but on linux. I was playing around with the OpenKeychain mobile app but couldn’t store my pgp key on the Apex due to an unknown error. I exported my pgp key vith gnupg, moved it to my android phone and imported it. It imported but couldn’t write it to the apex. Do you know what could cause it?

You might have to reconfigure the applet for a specific key type beforehand, see flexsecure-applets/ at master · DangerousThings/flexsecure-applets · GitHub .

For this I’ll need a reader/writer what I can plug into my laptop what isn’t the best way because I don’t have any. This is one reason why I bought the Apex, I don’t have to buy one more thing, but seems like this is the only way

How did you plan to connect the Apex to your Linux machine then? Does you Laptop include a NFC PC/SC interface?

No, it was my mistake to don’t explain the timeline.
First I bought the Apex and started to use it only with my mobile. Later i realized that I’ll need to buy an nfc reader for my laptop to gain full access to Apex’s features.

Ah ok, I understand. On my old laptop I managed to stuff a NFC reader inside the case, On my current one I am still trying to get the included NFC interface to function.

Anyway, I found that USB-attached readers are much more ergonomic, at least on a Laptop.

If you don’t want to use a reader, you can also use your Android phone: Using a smartphone as a reader on your PC/MAC

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