Playing with big magnets with an implant

So i was bored and drawing up another concept for a magnetic coupler. I havent played with any big magnets since my install, aside from an automotive screwfinder magnet i used to get it to flip poles. Obviously, big magnet+hand=bad time, but before i make bad decisions, is there anything i can do if something goes wrong? Some of these are going to be pretty big (the last model didnt have enough torque). I doubt they’re big enough to actually rip it from my hand, as butt puckering of a thought that is, but what would the best way of getting it off? Pulling on that one i had definitely wasn’t comfortable and looked a bit concerning. I guess i could wear leather gloves? Would that even help?

i never met a magnet that was too strong and actually ripped out my magnets.


Okay. Im not sure how strong that one is but it definitely has some pull, im a little less scared to get back into things than i was :joy:

This might be the dumb answer.

But if a magnet sticks, slide it off parallel to your implant instead of pulling at 90 degrees?

This should put much less stress on it. And give you more control.

I’m not condoning whatever Tom foolery you might do. But it should help?

Disregard if too simple. Haha.

And yes. Leather gloves should help a bit i’d think. Both to decrease the attraction and also to help “get away”.

Likely depends on the strength of your magnet you’re attaching to
Good luck!

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