Please help what to do

i have installd my chip under skin i have a nfc chip in my left hand my pacman reader find that one. my new chip i order from this site i cannot find att all allredy putt it in and i live in swe mch

how long ago did you install?

What is the “missing” one? was it an xEM?

xem nfc chip 4 days

xEM RFID Chip not working cant find connection

do you have a link to this reader?

[quote=“Pilgrimsmaster, post:5, topic:18431”]
[ i dont this is so confucing how to speak whit

yes it was ang i cant find or connect it cant read it

Usually in the first week the swelling can stop you from scanning, even if it’s not visible. Don’t panic, wait for a few days for your body to heal and try again :wink:

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aha fine i wait and try thanks fore the help :star_struck:

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Although, I’m kinda surprised the Proxmark has this issue. I thought it had a much better range than your average reader. @Pilgrimsmaster ?

I think it has something to do with how the coils are oriented. The PM3 RDV4 doesn’t have this issue with the additional glassie 125khz add-on.


Can you also post a photo of how you are placing your implant to the proxmark3 antenna?

Finally, you should also ensure you are using the delay command to make reading easier;


Yeah, agreed, BUT, I think once you learn the placement, it’s pretty easy (no pun intended)

I dont have any issue with mine.

I would agree also.
The RDV4 LF antenna design IS much more compatible.
Just like the xEM access controller V1, that antenna is a similar design, which reads great with LF xSeries

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I have a NExT and while the 13.56mhz can be read very easily, I still get annoyed everytime I have to work with the 125khz on the PM3Easy. The antenna has to lay directly on the chip and oriented in a certain way to detect anything. Although, when the PM3 is mounted on the metal frame of my desk, It can read the implant while my hand is 3-4cm away.

Unfortunately this is the normal experience… it’s not awesome but it does work.

:open_mouth: what? I would love to see a video showing the proxmark3 on a metal desk getting that kind of read range! I’m so curious!!

At the moment my proxmark has no LF antenna since i’ve mounted it on a HID reader that I use at work since that one had a crap one.
I am on holidays for a while so no video soon :emoji_eyes:.
But I suspect that the metal frame acts as a core for the PM3 antenna, somewhat like wireless charger coils are designed I imagine.