PM3 Easy - Easy Windows 10 Firmware Flashing Guide

I’ve been butting heads with flashing my PM3 Easy with the latest Iceman RRG using the official guide. Whenever I had to compile it would spit out errors that I couldn’t get around, so I twice gave up and just flashed with the official release. It’s also new territory for me, so it was incredibly confusing.

I must have passed this forum thread for Precompiled Windows Clients about 500 times. What an idiot :joy:

So for anyone with a PM3 Easy, just head to the thread above and choose the link for the 32bit or 64bit generic version. Then do as follows.

  1. Download the latest zip and extract it

  2. Hit Windows Start menu > Power - then hold shift and click Restart to bring up the Startup Options menu. Hit Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Options > Restart

  3. When Windows restarts, hit 7 - Disable driver signature enforcement

  4. Plug in your PM3, open Device Manager and expand Ports (COM & LPT). Look for your PM3 listed as ‘USB Serial Device’ (perhaps unplug and plug it back in if there are multiple to make sure you choose the correct one). Right click > Update Driver > Browse My Computer > Let Me Pick… > Have Disk and navigate to your extracted folder > Windows Driver and select the proxmark3 file. Your proxmark3 driver is now installed and should now show up in the Device Manager. Take note of the COM port number.

  5. Unplug the PM3 and head back to the extracted folder.

  6. In the win32 / win64 folder, edit FLASH - All.bat and change the COM port to the correct one for your machine. There should be 2 edits to make here after flasher.exe and proxmark.exe. Save and exit.


if exist flasher.exe (
flasher.exe com4 -b …\firmware_win\bootrom\bootrom.elf …\firmware_win\fullimage.elf
) else (
proxmark3.exe com4 --flash --unlock-bootloader --image …\firmware_win\bootrom\bootrom.elf --image …\firmware_win\fullimage.elf

  1. Run FLASH - All.bat - before continuing, grab your PM3 Easy and hold in the button on the side and keep it held down the entire time. Plug it in and then continue with the flashing software. If everything goes well and it tells you have a nice day, let go of the button, unplug and close the window.

  2. Plug it back in, open a prompt window (Win+R > “cmd”) and navigate to the aforementioned win32/win64 folder. Run ‘proxmark3.exe COMX’ (where X is your COM port number - sometimes this changes, so check in Device Manager). It should spit out a bunch of text with something like;

[ ARM ]
bootrom: RRG/Iceman/master/3716d4d8 2020-05-08 13:14:38
os: RRG/Iceman/master/3716d4d8 2020-05-08 13:14:54
compiled with GCC 9.2.1 20191025 (release) [ARM/arm-9-branch revision 277599]


You’ll only have to install the driver once, so to update the firmware just repeat steps 6 - 8.

If you’re having issues … I’m no expert so I can’t really help you out, but I will do my best. Hope this helps some of you out there who struggle with the guide like I did :skull:


Thanks @ithritin for posting this as I was getting annoyed with my PM3 and was not going to put anymore effort into making it work for me.


Really hope this helps. I’m so glad I finally got it to flash :skull:

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you are a life saver hours if searching and unsuccessful attempts i finaly got it flashed was beginning to loose my mind.


Awesome! Really glad this helped :slight_smile:


I notice the link to the precompiles isn’t working so;

32bit version and 64bit version - always look for “other” if you have a Proxmark3 Easy

and a link to all the precompiles

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