PM3 Easy upgrade the chip from 256 to 512

I have a PM3 Easy that I purchased quite a while ago that has a ATMEL AT91SAM7S256 on it and I bought a ATMEL AT91SAM7S512 off of Ebay. I am going to replace the chip with the larger one. Will I be able to program the bootloader and firmware through the USB com port? Or will I need to use a JTAG programmer?
It looks like there is an easy way to use a Raspberry Pi as a JTAG programmer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think @Zwack might be a good person to summon for this, but as he has not replied already, I could be wrong.

He has done a bit of crossover work with PM3 Easy and Raspberry Pi, not directly related, but still in the same wheelhouse


I am no expert in this area, but assuming that you have replaced the chip you can use openocd and a raspberry pi to bootstrap the firmware. I have never done this but found several pages that detailed the same procedure.

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@Zwack , I knew you were “the guy” to go to.

You may want to put the bootloader on there before mounting the IC … The PM3 may not have the proper circuit to boot brom a blanc chip.

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