Pocket size not large enough

Hello everyone! I’ll start of by saying that I am finally one of you and this brings up a small concern.
2 days ago I self implanted a NExT in L0. I pinched the skin with some diy clamp and the needle went halfway through at which point i had to take the clamp off because i was poking it already. Afterwards the needle only went in another millimeter and hit something that felt slightly painful and I thought maybe I was going too deep, so I tried to go slightly upwards and lift the syringe so I could eventually pass that “barrier”. That didn’t work and basically I skipped retracting the syringe and dumped the implant while slowly taking out the syringe. Now the implant doesn’t really sit horizontally and it doesn’t have much pocket space. Now here comes my concern: I work with my hands and until today everything seemed somewhat fine, the wound is mostly closed and since the implant didn’t have much pocket space to retract back to the opening, it went a bit downside but it’s still pretty tight in there. The problem is that one end is kinda poking through my skin and it got somewhat bruised or inflamed. It doesn’t hurt or anything but I was wondering if it will eventually settle or it’s a sign to prepare the scalpel. I am not 100% sure but I might have pinched something while inside. Could it be just some blood that will go away eventually?
I’ll attach some pictures.

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Ok, is it in the skin or under the skin? In other words; does the chip move with the skin or can it move under it?

Not sure tbh. If I poke it from left to right, it can be clearly seen that it’s moving under the skin. If I poke it the other way, the skin becomes white and tense. Feels like the left end is not deep enough. Maybe it got stuck inside the skin?

Yeah, i poked it a bit more and i can definitely feel the chip’s left end. I suspect that the “barrier” was actually the skin I poked and maybe didn’t retract the needle enough. It feels like it’s trying to poke out the skin if I push from right to left.
The attached photo might help.

I don’t think there’s any cause for concern yet. Most likely, the needle has damaged a small blood vessel, because of this, a bluish clot is visible at the end of the implant. Dude, just let your body heal the injury and your implant itself migrates to a convenient place for it (even if you didn’t make the right “pocket” for the chip) :ok_hand:

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Alright, i’ll do that for now. Thanks for the info😁