Point control at work with NFC, is there a solution?

They put an NFC TAG to scan when arriving and leaving work, when cloning the TAG the serial number is not the same.

So there are 2 questions:
1- This can cause problems, since when reading the tag and sending the report, the TAG’s serial number will not be what is in the system, remembering that this serial number is recorded in the manufacture and cannot be cloned or edited.

2 - Is there any way to clone the serial number or even have a real copy, because when it comes to copying, I believe that all information should be identical.


hey there… so it sounds like you’re going to try to get around your work’s clock in/out system so you can clock in from your couch :slight_smile: I don’t know if I want to fully support that here… but this is a technical question, and there is a technical answer… hmm. dilemma.

In short, to clone a tag means to copy the memory contents AND the serial number from a source chip / tag to a new target chip / tag. To do this successfully, you need a compatible target chip that has the same memory and features as your source chip… and have the ability to change the serial number also. These kinds of chips are usually referred to as “magic” chips.

There are not as many kinds of “magic” chips as there are NFC tags… only a few kinds of magic chips exist, so that means you can only clone a few kinds of NFC tags to compatible magic chips.

The first question is; what kind of chip is your source chip? Try scanning the source chip with

and sharing the full scan data here.

Here is a link to the reading file.

I understand your dilemma, but as we are looking for a technical question, thank you for your help.


Ok so it’s an ultralight tag. There are some magic chips that can work for that… one is called a magic ntag chip that can be programmed using a Proxmark3 Easy (Iceman Firmware) - RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products to look like an ultralight chip, set the ID, and copy the data. We don’t sell it though.

Magic tag chips are pretty expensive. I didn’t find any for less than 30 USD, I have to copy 3 of them and the same. The magic ntag chip can not be configured with APP for an android device? Only with your device ?
Thank you for your help.

Yep that’s right. They are expensive and the proxmark3 is the only thing I know of that can change the mode and set the ID.