Position for the flexM1

I know there are a lot of post aroung this topic, but I still have questions.
I want to implant the flexM1 through a needle.

My first idea was the palm side, but I want to use my hands for hard work.
I read that other flex implants can go on the middle finger, does that also work with the felxM1? How long does the middle finger need to be (mine is from nuckle to nuckle about 6.2 cm)

What other placements are common?
I know that you can place it on wrist, but I want the implant to be more accessible. So a placement in the Hand would be preferable.


I doubt you could put it in your finger.
I guess it will move so you’d need quite some wigle room, also consider that your installer may not be able to exactly position it.
Have you checked the implant sutra?

I’d say back of the hand, P3 or P4 would be a good spot for a wedge.

No I haven´t seen the implant sutra, thanks for that.
P3 or P4 does sound good

Definitely between two metacarpals imho: it’ll sink down in between and it’ll be protected from shocks. Also, the chip - which is a bit thicker than the rest of the implant - won’t protrude and hurt you if you bang it or rest your hand on it. And it’ll keep its shape as it’ll have the two straight bones acting as “stakes”, instead of constantly flexing if all it has around it is soft tissue.

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks