Positioning for NExT and xLED?

As I’m gearing up to get my first implants (finally… ffs… soooooon), it occurs to me that I should figure out the best position to put the NExT and xLED near each other so the xLED lights up while scanning the NExT. I understand they should be 5mm ish apart, but does the direction matter much for the sake of scanning? like side-by-side best? or vertically in a row so the xLED is further out and more visible while scanning since the sensor is near the top of the phone?

I’m likely overthinking this…

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Here is what I wrote on another thread. I would say next to each other, 5mm apart.


The most common location I saw when researching for my implant position was side by side. This however may be more “how it will fit” than “what’s best for reading”

Also just something to consider. I decided I didn’t want a xLED next to my NExT because I may end up in a situation where I don’t want it obvious that I’m using an implant. Examples of that include a Red Team story of Deviant’s about pretending to use a guest card but really using his implant with stolen creds. Or something as mundane as doing a “magic trick” with someone’s phone by making it Rick roll them.