Positions: Ease and Pain

Hey folx,

Do you have any input on the ease and pain level based on each position? I ask because I’m thinking about doing self install. I don’t love needles, but I do weekly self injections in my thigh so honestly I’m not too fazed by it.

I understand Position 0 is pretty much a cakewalk (relatively), but what about the remainder on the back of the hand? Obviously I don’t want to get in on this only to find out it’s not sterile anymore and I just can’t do it right.

Thanks as ever!!!

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If you wait till the weekend I will let you know xD thinking of self installing in pos 2.

I did a self install in my dominant arms bicep region and that was a bit tricky to get into a good stable position (more details on install) that post also has some good advice on non standard installs.

If you are worried about not being able to finish then maybe use lidocaine patches or cream?

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Yay ( long term members will know why take a look :wink: )

I self installed at pos 0, honestly there was almost 0 pain. I know that sounds crazy but its just a scratch, I inject 1 weekly and that annoys me more than the install ever did.

The trick I found was getting over the mental block, almost like you can’t push on the needle even though you are (i think its a self defense reflex).

But once again in terms of pain no worse than a flu jab or cat scratch.


I have a NExT in position 3, and an xM1 in position 0. I didn’t self install, but the back of the hand was actually less painful for me - which seems completely backwards. But, it wasn’t bad at all.

The bigger concern, especially if self implanting, is that the back of the hand requires a little more care and finesse. I have big, prominent veins there, and you have less working space between the bones.

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Really good point, thank you. It’s a concern I have too, tbh. I also have fairly sizable veins, so I wouldn’t want to do that. I guess it’s part of my concern with doing it myself. But I also hate the thought of these things sitting around for another month or three as we wait for things to open back up again and get professional help. (I need professional help!)

@Devilclarke, agreed, that was mostly my issue doing my weeklies too.

I thought about it @leumas95 , honestly, but at the time I didn’t think I was gonna be doing it myself, and moreover, I’ve heard that it’s actually a worse idea to do it yourself with pain management because of the risk of not feeling doing it wrong.


Regarding all this, is there a consensus where the best place for a second chip is? I’ve read the xG3 placement threads again and again, but I feel like the knife edge would limit you. Any input from people who have installed there would be great. After healing, what limitations do you have because of the magnet? I have none with a chip at L0 & R0, but I feel like in other places, there are more negatives. I just don’t want to limit myself.

My xSIID is in L2 I think and I’ve not had any issues, probably only if I want th though a punch …

My understanding of the best position 1 or 2, so you can place screws and other small objects there without losing them. Generally, that’s the ideal use of an xG3 from what I can see since it’s not really suited as a sense implant.

Yeah, I was going for knife edge, and was planning on implanting today, but realized yesterday I was … um… playing drums on my steering wheel and singing very loudly alone driving in my car, that I may not be able to do that with a magnet, even full healed. If that’s not true please let me know, but I only have experience with chips in impact free zones. I’m not totally averse to it though. I was planning on getting a PegLeg! It would’ve been in by now, stupid virus! For now it’s waiting for me in Cali, just beckoning!

Braver than I! Right now I’m mostly interested in the “sure fire” implants, which is why I don’t have a sensing magnetic implant yet. Too much risk of failure and high impermanence rate.

Anyway, I think Position 1 will be very safe for just about anything, knife-edge is probably the most risky one aside from fingertips.

I considered the back of the forearm about 5cm back from the wrist for an xG3 as it would be good for holding screws withough getting in the way while using my hands

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That’s a great idea, I was originally getting my xNT there. C00per tried to do it for me at Defcon and couldn’t get through my skin! (Sorry again for that lol) so it would be a challenge.


That’s a really good idea. I think I may readjust my plan to that actually…


I planned mine for 2-3" up from where a watch would be. Take 1/3 of the length from your wrist. That way it wouldn’t interfere with a watch.

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Pain was fine, little sting as it punched through the skin that’s it. Lights up great! @ncc74656 if you have any questions about pos 3, it’s very fresh in my mind.


0, 1, and 4 are my main interests. Thank you though!

Pos 1 is essentially Pos 2 in terms of install as fast as I can tell :slight_smile:

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